Valentines From “The Evil Mad Scientist.”

The website “Evil Mad Scientist” has sets of free, downloadable Valentine’s Day cards for your sweetie. They are hysterical and perfect for the those people who are “left side of the brain” dominant.”

We aren’t big fans of Valentine’s Day for a variety of reasons that will be explained in our yearly rant on the “holiday” tomorrow,” but the good thing is that you can use these cards year round to keep the inertia of your relationship going. (See what we did there?)

Today we are releasing our newest set of “Download and Print” cards for Valentine’s day. This is our sixth year, and sixth set of cards: The 2013 set had six equation-heavy cards, the 2014 set was a set of six symbol-heavy cards, and the 2015 set included love, hearts, and arrows. The 2016 set featured Pluto’s cold heart, and the perfect card for your robotic expression of love, and last year’s set featured atomic orbitals, exponential growth, and an epsilon delta declaration of love.

You can download the full set here, which includes all 36 designs from all six years (a 1.6 MB PDF document).

As usual, print them out on (or otherwise affix to) card stock, personalize, and [some steps omitted] enjoy the resulting lifelong romance.

What a cool, fun thing to do throughout the year – leaving a card for your sweetie where they can find it and know that you don’t just care for them on February 14th, but every single day of the year.

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