Video Asks “Who Invented Alcohol?” We Have An Answer.

Trace the 7,000 year old history of alcohol, from its first known origins in China to cultures all over the world fermenting their own drinks.

Nobody knows exactly when humans began to create fermented beverages. The earliest known evidence comes from 7,000 BCE in China, where residue in clay pots has revealed that people were making an alcoholic beverage from fermented rice, millet, grapes, and honey. So how did alcohol come to fuel global trade and exploration?

Rod Phillips explores the evolution of alcohol.

“Who invented alcohol?” may be a question that is up for debate and discussion, but we suspect that the “why” was that people had gone to government meetings and alcohol was the only way to deal with the mind numbing stupidity of governments.

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  1. Truthful says:

    The “mind-numbing stupidity of governments” is one thing, but so very unfortunate is the fact that their decision-making often negatively impacts the safety and well-being of the people. These negative impacts can be readily observed.