We Are Now A Verb?

The other day, we posted a Facebook post from Nicolas Tomboulides who we thought hit a homerun in “discussing” immigration and conservatives with a left leaning individual.

We said then that we weren’t sure who Mr. Tomboulides is, but we he had “dropped the mic” with his encounter with the individual.

Turns out Tomboulides is a the head of the group U.S.Term Limits which advocates for term limits for members of the US Congress. (We disagree with the group and don’t like term limits, but that is a post for another day.)

What is funny though is that Tomboulides became aware of our post and made another Facebook post:

We aren’t sure that being mentioned here on this blog is an “honor,” but we are somewhat intrigued at the idea that being mentioned is now a verb.

Now all we have to do is hope that Mariam Webster Dictionary picks up “hoecaked” and puts it in the dictionary.

(We are kidding, of course.)

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