We. Don’t. Care. …. And Neither Should You.

The above is a screenshot from Google’s search page.

What racist and woke person decided that “Search for Black-owned shops near you” was a good idea?

Businesses should be “judged” on the basis of how well they do a job and bang for the buck. Whether a business is owned by a black person, a white person, an Asian person, a Hispanic person or Marvin the Martian shouldn’t matter. We don’t care the race of the person who owns a shop or business.

We just don’t.

It is not as if Google is the only company doing this. We have seen ads elsewhere to “support black businesses.” Each time we see them we are more disgusted.

It makes no sense to say that as a country we need to strive for “racial equality” and then tell people they should be supporting one business over another because of the race of the owner. To do so actually increases racism and gives racism tacit approval by the people and companies who say they want racism to end.

Years ago we really loved Google for its simplicity. While search engines like Yahoo!, AOL, and others had complicated and cluttered interfaces, Google was clean and simple. In an era where bandwidth mattered while using a 56k modem, Google was faster and did the job better.

It has been a while since Google has had that simplicity. Google tracks everything and you are simply a piece of data.

Now Google (along with others) is supporting and even promoting racism.

That promotion leads to the question “if we don’t look for Black owned businesses, are we automatically branded as ‘racist?'”

If only there was another search engine that could help with this type of “woke behavior” and didn’t track us across the internet.

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