We Have Met The Enemy And They Are Us.

Today being the anniversary of 9-11 got us thinking how much the country has changed, and not for the better.

In 2001, when the twin towers came down, the Pentagon was damaged, and extraordinary people gave their lives to protect others in a field in western Pennsylvania, as a country, we came together.

In that the attacks had killed across all lines of gender, race, economic lines, we came together to address a problem and a threat to this country.

Now that threat is internal.

There are legitimate gripes that need to be addressed in this country when it comes to race relations, policing, etc. We believe that in some cases, legitimate conversations should be had and remedies offered and implemented.

However, what we are seeing more often than not are people that are willing to riot and destroy rather than discuss. We are seeing bricks and not words being thrown about.

We have seen people being accosted, threatened and attacked for not only not being a racist, but for not being “anti-racism.” We have seen those on the left and those on the far right bring weapons into the fray. With each attack and with each death, we see both sides either trying to justify the attack / death by saying the person “deserved it” for past actions, or trying to portray the person as an angel.

We have seen riots and looting destroy businesses and livelihoods in areas that need those businesses and who are often minority owned.

To demonstrate how bad it is, in the City of Minneapolis, there has been so much destruction that the cost of rebuilding is more than the resulting value of new businesses.

We’ve seen people saying “vote for this person” because of their race or gender, and not because of their ideas, visions and experiences. People are being racists and are counting on others being racists to vote for or against a candidate while trying to claim they want to end racism in this country.

Make no mistake, we are not saying all of the blame is one sided. There are people on all sides that simply are interested in destroying whatever they can see and find.

Those people are, as far as we are concerned, the “enemy.”

Unfortunately, in America right now, we have met the enemy, and they are us.

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