We Need More Money For Infrastructure.

You have been hearing a lot about President Biden’s Infrastructure Bill and how it will cost taxpayers $2.1 trillion dollars.

The amount of money spent on infrastructure is not enough. We mean that sincerely.

This is not because $2.1 trillion dollars is not a good hunk of change, but the fact that most of the bill doesn’t go to what people consider to be infrastructure

    • Less than 6 percent ($115 billion) for roads and bridges
    • 43 percent more is spent on mass transit and rail ($165 billion) than for roads and bridges
    • Less than 2 percent ($42 billion) for waterways, locks, dams, ports, and airports
    • Less than 5 percent ($100 billion) for broadband
    • 74 percent more is spent on subsidies for electric vehicles ($174 billion) than for broadband.
    • Meanwhile, most of the bill consists of non-infrastructure provisions such as:
    • $400 billion for expansion of Medicaid
    • $213 billion for housing and to increase federal control of local housing markets
    • $100 billion of additional funding for schools without requiring them to reopen
    • $50 billion for a new office at the U.S. Department of Commerce
    • $35 billion for climate science, innovation, and R&D
    • $10 billion for a new “Civilian Climate Corps”
    • Overturns right-to-work laws in 27 states
    • White House fact sheet says “climate” 20 times; says “Highway Trust Fund” ZERO times

      Spends billions of tax dollars on job training for Americans who lost their jobs as a result of Biden’s Executive Orders

      $2.3 trillion cost = FOUR TIMES the cost of building the national interstate highway system

    The idiocy of thinking any spending is “infrastructure” is demonstrated by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who tweeted:

    This is so Orwellian where the left is literally trying to change the accepted meanings of words to mean something else. If “infrastructure” can mean anything, then there is no need to have a “infrastructure” bill. Just call it what it is: a liberal wish list that has to be paid by the American worker.

    Ted Cruz hits the nail on the head:

    Equally troubling to us is the elimination of the “right to work.”

    The Supreme Court has upheld right to work policies and yet the Biden administration is not only attempting to override the Supreme Court, there is nothing in the Constitution that would allow the Federal Government to reach into the individual States and say “you can’t allow what the Supreme Court has said is legal.”

    Biden and his administration is out of control, spending like drunken sailors on leave and it is the American people who will suffer in the long run.

    One Response to “We Need More Money For Infrastructure.”

    1. Percy Veer says:

      You forgot the other word that politicians have redefined. This is not “spending”, these are “investments”. Probably the saddest thing is the way the media is covering this bill most people have no idea where the money is going, they just hear the word ” infrastructure” and think it’s all good.

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