We Shudder At The Thoughts Expressed In This Video.

The title of this video is “Black Woman Says She Is Fat Because Of President Trump & Racism!”

It is from 2019, and instead of taking control of her own life and decisions, a woman tries to make the claim that she is overweight because of “racism.”

The mindless bobble heads in the audience nod in agreement with the woman because, well, because of “racism.”

The comments made by the “Conservative Twins” in the video approach being cruel in their mocking, but there is more truth to their comments than in what the woman says.

We were able to find two studies that dispute the woman’s claim that food is somehow “racist.”

In one study:

Obesity and chronic diseases disproportionately affect African-American women in the rural South (US), and may be influenced by adherence to a typical Southern-style diet. There is a need to examine dietary patterns of this population, and to determine if consumption of nutritionally rich foods like nuts is associated with consumption of other nutritious foods. The objectives of this study were to identify: (1) Dietary patterns of overweight/obese African-American women in the rural South; (2) The role that nuts play in the diet; (3) Adherence to federal food group recommendations across dietary patterns.

The conclusion:

Our study identified two distinct dietary patterns among overweight and obese African-American women in the rural South. Even in the cluster that contained higher intake frequency of plant-based foods, participants did not meet recommendations for fruit, vegetable, nut, added sugar, and sodium intake. Most of the participants in this cluster also consumed red and processed meats. Nutrition education strategies in this community should affirm healthy eating trends, while encouraging increased intake of nuts, fruits, and vegetables, and decreased intake of added sugars, sodium, and red and processed meats.

It is not the food, but the amounts and types of food being consumed that leads to obesity in black women. It is a choice not to have a diet that is healthy and reduces fat.

The second study concludes the same thing:

African-American women are more overweight and have greater difficulty maintaining weight loss than do Caucasian women. Evidence suggests that African-American women are more successful with culturally tailored weight-loss programs.

The study goes on to state that a large number of the women in the study dropped out of the study and stopped trying to lose weight.

The conclusion of the study is a simple one:

The high self-efficacy that some women had at the beginning of the intervention did not translate into the desired behavior change. The inverse relationship seen in this study suggests that treatments that improve participants’ self-efficacy may result in greater weight loss.

“Did not translate into the desired behavior change.”

In other words, the choices people make effect their weight.

Some people will blame urban so called “urban food deserts.” The claim is that there is not quality health food in urban areas so people eat less healthy alternatives.

Although many people began shopping at the new local supermarket after it opened, they generally didn’t buy healthier food. We can statistically conclude that the effect on healthy eating from opening new supermarkets was negligible at best. We calculated that local access to supermarkets explains no more than about 1.5% of the difference in healthy eating between low- and high-income households.

How could this be?

Why Food Deserts Aren’t the Problem

The food desert narrative suggests the lack of supply of healthy foods is what causes reduced demand for them.

But in the modern economy, stores have become amazingly good at selling us exactly the kinds of things we want to buy. Our research suggests the opposite narrative: Lower demand for healthy food is what causes the lack of supply.

We aren’t trying to say that there isn’t racism out in the world. There is and no matter how you portray it, it is wrong. However the choices a person makes and the results of those choices is not racist. These are all adult women in that “forum” who want to blame others for their choices.

It becomes even more ridiculous when the woman blames Trump for her obesity as of Trump himself was visiting her home and demanding she eat Twinkies and unhealthy foods.

Who could have ever guessed that Trump’s influence extended to forcing unhealthy food down the throat of people?

(Two of the comments on the video are: “Poor woman. When Obama was in office she was a swimsuit model,” and “She was a bikini model and then Trump got elected.”)

If people want to be taken seriously and not dismissed for silly, childish ideas that “they did it too!” then start acting like adults. Take responsibility for your own lives and own decisions.

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