We’re Back! Did You Miss Us?

Just a quick notice to let people know that we are back.

Our staff either lost power or internet access and so we remained “dark” for longer than we would have liked.

We guess the main thing is that we are back up and running and will have a “real” post up tomorrow on the Cocoa Beach Board of Adjustment meeting.

We do want to thank Florida Power and Light for their efforts in working to restore power. More importantly, FPL did their level best to keep customers informed of expected restoration dates.

The same cannot be said of Spectrum. For an alleged communication company, Spectrum basically told customers to go away, stop bothering them and to stop asking when service would be restored. We called several times only to be met with a message of “we’re busy” and an immediate hang up of the phone. Apparently the powers that be at Spectrum didn’t understand that they were busy because they told their agents not to tell people anything.

Spectrum wins the award this year for lousy customer service.

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