When Life Gives You Lemons, Learn to Shoot with Both Hands.

Baltimore Oriole left fielder Luke Scott had surgery to repair a SLAP tear in his right labrum on Tuesday, July 26, 2011. Normally we would not give something like this a great deal of notice. However, the Orioles were the team of our youth and old habits die hard. How much were they the team we lived and died with?

Yes, we were “Junior Orioles.”

Yes, we know the words to “Bomb ‘Em Birds” and can still sing the song.

Yes, we believe that the 1971 Orioles pitching staff – the last staff to have four 20 game winners on it (Palmer, Cuellar, Dobson, McNally) – was one of the greatest staffs of all time.

We loved Boog Powell at first base and believe the Mark Belanger is one of the greatest defensive shortstops of all time.

And we haven’t even talked about the Robinson brothers, Brooks and Frank. (There is a joke in there in case you don’t know.)

We watched games from every level of Memorial Stadium, loving the smell of the hot dogs, the ice cold Coke and the crunch of peanuts under your feet. It was where we learned to keep score in a scorebook, writing down pitches and plays to relive the game in our minds later on.

We listened to Chuck “Go to War Miss Agnes” Thompson in the car and on a little off white transistor radio while sitting on the back porch with our dad.

We sat in section 34 with “Wild Bill Hagy” singing the national anthem and yelling when “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” was played during the seventh inning stretch.

When we weren’t bleeding the blue and white of the Baltimore Colts, we were bleeding orange and black of the O’s.

Sadly, through a lot of bad decisions and mismanagement, the Orioles have become irrelevant in the world of baseball, and that is putting it politely. Although we still follow the team, we are not the rabid fans we once were. (In fact, we are not rabid fans of any pro team.)

Which brings us back to Luke Scott. Scott had the muscle repaired by Dr. James Andrews in Florida. The rehab from this type of surgery usually takes 4 months before one can begin baseball related activities, and two more months before the player is ready to play again.

In short, Scott is done for the season.

But that is not what attracted us to this story.

An article in the Baltimore Sun describes Scott as the “gun-toting, bible-quoting Orioles slugger.”

You don’t see that too often in a sports article.

But you also don’t see Scott’s reaction to the prospect of the surgery and the potential end to his career:

The always cheerful Scott tried to put at least one positive spin on having surgery – which he was hoping to avoid. An avid hunter, Scott said he’ll now have to learn to shoot a gun left-handed this winter.

I’ll learn to be ambidextrous with firearms, so I look at it as a positive,” he said.

Ya gotta love it.

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