Where Is Florida? Now Updated! Twice!

ATT-Globe-ROHLast night we had an issue with U-Verse. It was nothing major only that we were dropping internet speed and that the television was pixelating.

We did all the proper things: We checked wires. We warm re-booted the television receiver. We cold re-booted the Universal Gateway. We cold rebooted the television receiver. We cold rebooted the Universal Gateway again.

No change.

The television receiver has a little self diagnostic utility and when we got to that, it didn’t let us run any tests. It simple said “We’re sorry, but there is a problem with your service. Please call 1-800-XXX-XXXX”

Okay. No problem.

After calling and waiting a while for technician, we got a friendly guy by the name of “Don.” We asked Don where he was and he replied “Arizona.” We always ask where people are because during the lulls in the conversations when they are running a test, we can ask about their state. Don was a good guy who tried to be helpful and we truly appreciate his enthusiasm.

Don decided that the only course of action was to send out a technician who will be here early this morning. (That’s the plan, at least.)

As we were finishing up, Don paused a moment and asked “is Florida in the southeast?”

(Last time we looked it was.)

We asked why he was asking and he said they were getting a lot of calls from the Southeast. “Would that be your part of the country?”

Oh dear.

Don was helpful and polite and for that we give him credit. Geography, however, was not his strong suit.

(And to be clear, we aren’t upset with Don’s level of service. It just saddens us on some level that people don’t know where states are. It also made us laugh.)

Oh well.

UPDATE: We received a call from service technician Mark and after we described the problem and said it seemed fine now, Mark said the tech folks had gotten an email that there had been and outage last night that affected the Southeast United States. That was good to know. He said he could come out but there probably wasn’t a point to it as the issue was resolved. We agreed. He gave us his number and said “if you have any issues, call me directly and I’ll come over. You won’t have to call into the call center or anything. Just give me a call.”

So we are back to where we were which is where we want to be. (Or something like that.)

All is well.

SECOND UPDATE: As we were sitting here at around 11 AM, we got an automated call from AT&T reminding us that we have a service appointment today. Someone forgot to tell them that the issue had already been resolved which we can understand. We aren’t quite sure why they are calling us to tell us of an appointment at 11 AM when that appointment was scheduled for between 8 and 12 AM though. That is too close to the end of the time range if you ask us.

But what do we know?

We are just customers.

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