Who Let The (Police) Dogs Out?


The video below shows the violence of police against peaceful protestors who are only trying to have a quiet, meaningful, respectful conversation…..



We can’t even write that as sarcasm.


Too often we write about bad cops. We would love that all cops were perfect, but that just isn’t the way humans are. We would love to see bad cops go away and good cops stay on the job.

Good cops like these cops.

It would be difficult for most people to be yelled at, screamed at, cursed out and have lewd gestures made at them without responding. Yet in this video, we see the police calmly standing there, taking the abuse.

Taking it, that is, until one sperm stain gets too close to a police dog to taunt it, and the dog….. well, the dog “takes a bite out of crime.”

Well done little puppy. Well done.

2 Responses to “Who Let The (Police) Dogs Out?”

  1. Percy says:

    What a bunch of goofballs. They are not protesting to further a cause (right or wrong), all they are doing is trying to do is provoke any kind of confrontation with police so one of these idiots can get it on a cell phone camera and post it somewhere on social media so they can claim victory. The cops should be commended for showing incredible self restraint dealing with these clowns.

    • AAfterwit says:


      Thanks for the comment.

      “Goofballs” is in our opinion not strong enough of a term.

      They are trying to provoke a reaction and like you, we thought the police (lack of) response was perfect.

      The heck with pepper spray. Come out with a spray that smells like steak and use that on the protestors and let the dogs out.

      Thanks again.

      A. Afterwit.

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