Who Needs A Magazine That Holds More Than Ten Rounds?

WARNING: This may be the most NSFW video we have ever posted. The footage is violent as it shows a man being shot by an officer. The language is also disturbing.

You have been warned.

This past Saturday at approximately 8 PM, Laytonsville, Maryland resident decided that it would be a good idea to repeated attack an 18 year veteran of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office by the name of Sergeant Pruitt

Pruitt had been called to the area after the police had been notified that there was a man, later identified as 52-year-old Kevin Costlow, was driving his Volkswagen erratically. He had stuck at least two cars when Pruitt arrived on the scene.

Sgt. Pruitt arrived at the scene and saw Costlow approaching two people with a large wooden stick, according to Sheriff Darren Popkin. Sgt. Pruitt was the first law enforcement officer to arrive at the scene. When he intervened, he and Costlow began fighting and Costlow struck him with a long piece of wood around the head and neck.

Costlow was ordered by Pruitt to stop, but instead of complying, Costlow started to advance on Pruitt.

Pruitt was unsuccessful in deploying his Tazer and Pruitt continued to advance, eventually striking Pruitt with the stick several times.

Pruitt fires his weapon at Costlow not once, not twice, not three times but TWELVE times. (Go ahead and count the shots to make sure. We did.)

Costlow does not stop advancing until after the twelfth shot.

EMT’s arrived on the scene later and pronounced Costlow dead.

The point here is that there are those who want to limit the size of magazines that people can purchase and carry in a weapon.

In this case, an 18 year veteran of law enforcement, with probably hundreds of hours of training and range time, shooting thousands of rounds at targets, was not able to stop a man until he had fired twelve times.


In that Costlow kept advancing with the stick in his hand, swinging and striking Pruitt multiple times, there was no time for Pruitt to reload.

Costlow simply kept coming at him.

So why is it that politicians think it is a good idea to deny regular citizens the right to defend themselves with weapons that have a magazine capacity of more than ten rounds (which seems to be the magic number for the politicians.) \

Someone please explain that to us.

Doesn’t a citizen have the same right of defense that an officer has?

If Costlow had broken into your home and was advancing on you, your spouse, or your children, do you want to be limited by some politician who has body guards surrounding them? Or do you want to protect you and your family with the force and weapons necessary to end the threat?

The next time you hear a politician talk about “magazine capacity,” think of this incident and Sergeant Pruitt.

As a side note, we don’t think the person who is filming this incident helped the situation much. “Shoot his a**”” doesn’t help Sergeant Pruitt nor did it calm Costlow down.

It is unclear to us whether the videographer was in his car with windows rolled up, or whether Pruitt and Costlow could hear him. There does appear to be a part of the video where he leans toward the car door which may have been to make his voice heard.

Still, both Prutt and Costlow were in a life or death situation and the videographer wasn’t making the situation better.

It is almost ironic that after saying “shoot his a**” over and over, Pruitt fires and Costlow falls right next the car, causing the videographer to be surprised and saying “daaaaaaaang.”

What did he think was going to happen once Pruitt started to fire his weapon as the man advised?

2 Responses to “Who Needs A Magazine That Holds More Than Ten Rounds?”

  1. Moon Doggy says:

    Always a tragedy when a life is lost.

    Although video is very graphic it does show that real life shootings are nothing like what we see in the movies where the bad guy is instantly made non-threatening by a single shot. I thought the officer showed incredible restraint in his use of lethal force. In the future whenever I hear a news report claiming that the victim was shot 10, 12, or more times and that fact proves law enforcement used excessive force i will know better. If the attacker had possessed any other kind of weapon (gun, knife, baseball bat) he could have seriously injured or killed this officer even after being shot 12 times. Thankfully, this officer was able to defend himself to prevent serious harm to himself or others.

    • AAfterwit says:

      Moon Doggy,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Years ago, a medical examiner in a large City that has a high murder rate offered to have high school students come to the morgue and see the damage that bullets do.

      Kids talked about how the damage was nothing like it is shown on TV and even in the movies. Some kids got sick, some ran out of the room, some cried, but none were not impacted by why they saw.

      The School Board, discovering that reality was affecting kids, ended the program saying it was “too violent.”

      That was the purpose, of course – to show how violent a shooting can be.

      The other thing is how many times have you heard someone say “why didn’t they just shoot the criminal in the arm or in the leg?” That doesn’t work either. You shoot “center mass” and you shoot until the threat is eliminated.

      We hope this cop knows and realizes that this was a righteous shoot and he defended himself against a crazed attacker.

      A. Afterwit.