Why We Won’t Be Drinking Dr Pepper Anytime Soon.

How could Dr Pepper make this ad?

Somehow the geniuses at Dr Pepper decided to take a swipe at the only true American sport in the bunch. (0:17 mark)

Soccer? Not American.

Football? Derived from British rugby and other sports.

Lacrosse? Invented by native Americans as an alternative to war with other tribes. Yeah, go ahead and make fun of lacrosse Dr Pepper. Go ahead and show your ignorance.

Dr Pepper must be boycotted and shut down until they repent, remove this ad, apologize to lacrosse players as well as native Americans for insulting their culture, and take courses on the history of sports.

Editor’s Note: See how easy it is to get “offended” at something rather meaningless? Once offended, it is easy to call for boycotts, demean the speakers, demand apologies, demand that they get sent to a “gulag” for “re-education,” etc. Given a different context such as a soft drink ad campaign, it is easy to see how social justice warriors who are offended at everything should be dismissed 99% of the time.

If you are still unsure, the above post is satire on Dr Pepper is satire.

Now excuse us as we throw away our 12 pack of Dr Pepper……

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