Women’s Fitness Magazine Under Attack For Advocating Fitness.

Women’s Fitness magazine is under attack for encouraging women to exercise after the holidays.

On Sunday, Women’s Fitness Magazine tweeted: “Are you getting out for a run, walk or cycle today? It’s a great day to burn off those Christmas calories… post your pics here!”

The reaction from the endlessly offended was swift, incredible and baffling:

“I find it really sad that in 2020 you’re promoting the need to ‘burn off’ Christmas calories,” tweeted one person.

“I think that’s a very triggering and outdated message to be sharing. You’re encouraging women to work out from a place of guilt/shame which I think is very negative and dangerous.”

A consultant psychiatrist added: “Hugely concerning and problematic language. We shouldn’t be ascribing moral labels to food and exercise or encouraging people to adopt an earn and burn mentality; it’s the fall out from these damaging marketing campaigns that I see only too well in clinic.

“As a mainstream fitness magazine, why not use the opportunity to promote the positive mental and physical health benefits to be gained from going outdoors/ exercise; improved mood, better sleep, more energy etc. Disappointing.”

To answer some of the critics, a “calorie” is a unit of measurement of energy. The only way to get rid of calories is to use that energy which “burns off” the calorie.

To the “consultant psychiatrist, we don’t see any “moral label to food and exercise.” Furthermore, the magazine is not encouraging an “earn and burn” mentality, but rather having input from readers as to how they are exercising to get rid of some weight that they gained.

It almost seems that the psychiatrist needs some professional help in that she is seeing things that are not there.

As to the last comment, the magazine was promoting the positive benefits of getting out – doing so burns calories. That is a physical benefit which is the very type of benefit the author of the comment claims that magazine should be making.

It’s a fitness magazine. If people can’t see and read that, we are doomed.

Instead of holding the line and calling out the critics, the magazine caved and issued an “apology.”

“Sorry to anyone upset by our recent post about getting out and burning off Xmas calories,” it tweeted.

“We were trying to encourage you to exercise, share your pics and to not to wait until January if you have fitness or weight-loss goals. We know that not everyone exercises for weight loss.”

To us, a better response would have been, “Sorry to anyone who was offended because they misread our tweet and were triggered while chewing their cud.”

The perpetually offended need to be called out.

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