How To Fish Fry.

Tums under the pillow?


Politicized Language: Speech Is Not Violence.

John Stossel nails this.

We Would Have, But Didn’t Want The FBI On Our Doorstep.

The other day we were perusing the internet when we came upon an Amazon deal that looked pretty cool.

Amazon was selling the 836 piece Lego model of the International Space Station on sale for $56.99 which was down from $69.99.

“Sweet!” we thought. “What a fun project to have with the kids in our house and for those of us who are kids at heart!”

(And besides, it is always good to do something together as a family and get people off of cell phones and computers.)

Becca Meyers Leaves Olympic Team.

This is one of those stories that we don’t know where we come down on.

Becca Meyers, a three-time Paralympic gold medalist swimmer, has withdrawn from the Tokyo Paralympics.

The 26-year-old suffers from Usher syndrome, which caused her to be blind. She has also been deaf since birth.

Usher syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that causes deafness “due to an impaired ability of the inner ear and auditory nerves to transmit sensory (sound) input to the brain (sensorineual hearing loss) accompanied by retinitis pigmentosa, a disorder that affects the retina and causes progressive loss of vision,” according to the National Organization for Rare Diseases.

Since 2017, in the aftermath of Rio, Meyers has had an understanding with the USOPC [U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee] that permits her mother, Maria, to travel with her to international competitions as her PCA [Personal Care Assistant]. The results have been spectacular. In 2018, she won five gold medals at the Pan Pacific Para Swimming Championships in Cairns, Australia, and in 2019, she won four medals and set two world records, the eighth and ninth of her career, at the World Para Swimming Championships in London.

This year is different due to COVID.

“Fixing The Lagoon Takes More Than Septic Tank And Muck Removal.” Well, Duh!

Two opinion pieces concerning the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) and its restoration recently appeared in the Florida Today.

The first is written by new Brevard County Save Our Lagoon Citizen Oversight Committee member Susan Hammerling-Hodgers entitled We All Have A Role To Play In Saving Our Precious Indian River Lagoon. The second is written by Matt Fleming, who the Florida Today describes as “[a]ctivist Matt Fleming of Satellite Beach was the 2018 Democratic candidate for the Brevard County Commission, District 4.”

(For the record, while Fleming was on the ballot, he did not win a single precinct in the 2018 which may say a great deal as to how people regard him, his positions, and his knowledge of subjects.)

Fleming’s opinion piece is entitled “Fixing The Lagoon Takes More Than Septic Tank And Muck Removal.”

The two opinion pieces deal with the same subject, but are remarkably different in approach.

Hammerling-Hodgers’ piece deals with what the average person on the street can do.

New Jersey Judge Rules Offensive Speech Is Not Protected Speech.

It is safe to say that Andrea Dick of Roselle Park New Jersey is not a fan of President Joe Biden. Dick lives in a home owned by her mother and put up signs on a fence (seen above) that voiced her displeasure with Biden.

Three of the signs contain the “F-word” which offended some people in the town.

The town issued Dick a code violation to remove the signs. When Dick did not comply, the town took her to court where Roselle Park Municipal Court Judge Gary Bundy ordered Dick to remove the signs or face a $250 fine.

Fined For Parking On Her Own Property, Woman Wins First Round In Court.

Back in May of this year, we wrote about Sandy Martinez, a woman in the Florida City of Lantana who was facing over $165,000 in code enforcement fines – $100,000 of which was for parking on her own property.

Two of Sandy’s children are of employment age, and so along with her sister, there are 4 working people in the house who drive to work in separate cars. As one can imagine, the four cars make for an interesting parking situation.

Sometimes when they park, the cars may have had two wheels that are off of the driveway. There is no doubt that the car is mostly on the driveway, just one side of the wheels are off of paved surface.

Another Court Disagrees With The Brevard County School System And Government Demands That People Be “Nice.”

We have been covering the Brevard County School Board’s position on speech at public meetings since Board Chair Misty Belford stopped a speaker for using the term “liberal left,” during public comments at a Board meeting. At that same meeting, Belford stopped another speaker who claimed that she was called a “bitch” by some people. Bedford said she wouldn’t allow the term during the meeting.

We wrote an extensive post on how Belford was wrong and the Board’s policies where contrary to the First Amendment and established Supreme Court decisions.

We were somewhat surprised when we were forwarded a response from Board member Kayte Campbell which contained a response from the general counsel for the School Board.

Not only was the response a mess in that the Counsel tried to argue that speech that offended listeners was the same as actions (such as fighting) he cited a case from the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals that he characterized as saying one thing, but what was really said was contrary to his opinion and the Board policy.

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