DeSantis Vacates Official’s Seat. Paging Randy Fine….

Gov. DeSantis declares vacant seat on Alachua County School Board following concerns about Diyonne McGraw’s residency

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – Governor Ron DeSantis declared a vacant seat on the Alachua County School Board Thursday evening, following a lawsuit filed against school board member Diyonne McGraw, accusing her of running in the wrong district.

The Governor issued executive order 21-147 declaring the vacancy.

USPS Breaks All Barriers For Incompetence.

If you have been following our staffer’s saga on getting a USPS 2-3 day mail to its destination, you may have noticed that we jokingly said on Saturday that the mail moved and we attributed it to our original post.

Tracking shows the item was scheduled to go to a post office. Instead, the item went to a new “USPS facility” where it has sat for five days. That facility is literally 5 miles from the post office that is to deliver the letter / package to a destination that is 4 blocks away from that post office.

In short, the USPS can’t move a letter / package 5 miles in 5 days.

Today, he decided to call the USPS and see what was going on. They can’t tell you, but they would start a “case” on the issue.

Catholic Social Services VS Philadelphia. A Loss For The City.

Phidelphia’s Catholic Social Services (CSS) provides a variety of services to the community.

According to their website:

At Catholic Social Services we provide help and create hope for over 3,100 people every day. Our network of programs offers support to those who need it most. Every day we help the homeless & hungry, at-risk youth, struggling families & single parents. We help immigrants, refugees, neglected children and those with intellectual disabilities.

The CSS also provided adoption services for the City.

However, CSS would not provide adoption services for same gender couples or couples that were not married as to do so would violate their religious beliefs.

Happy Father’s Day!

To all the dads out there, we wish you a happy father’s day.

What Coulda Been.

So called “Fact Checkers” for Facebook, Twitter, the Washington Post, etc., have been in the news lately after they had deleted posts and comments in the past about the origins of COVID-19 and other statements regarding the pandemic.

With the revelation of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails showing that many of the ideas put forth by people and deleted by fact checkers were in fact true, one has to wonder what would have happened of “fact checkers” had existed in the past.

No worries. A.F. Branco has the answer.


On Thursday, we wrote about the horrible service provided by the United States Postal Service in regards to a letter one of our staffers sent on May 27th, and had been sitting in some box in its last stop of a “USPS facility” for 10 days.

Our post hit the blog at 5:38 AM (roughly.)

At 10:34, the package moved out of the “facility” and was on its way to the post office supposedly for distribution.

Did the USPS read us and react? Or is the movement of the package mere coincidence?

You decide.

Palm Bay American Legion Hosts Poker Run Tomorrow.

(click for larger version in a new tab)

Palm Bay American Legion Post 117 is hosting a “poker run” tomorrow, June 19th to benefit “3 Angels Balls For All,” which is an organization that provides athletic equipment to kids which is a good cause.

As we come out of our COVID induced isolation, these are the type of events that bring people together and let them reconnect.

More Mask Insanity.

Here is another incident of people who don’t want to wear masks getting into fights with store employees:

SEATTLE — A confrontation about a man who refused to wear a mask inside a Seattle hardware store spiraled into violence on Sunday, and the fight that ensued was captured on cell phone footage.

The video begins with Bobby Dixon trying to re-enter Tweedy and Popp Hardware at Lake City, only to be met at the door by an employee armed with a baseball bat. The recording then shows the two men trading vicious blows after the bat gets knocked away.

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