Another Reason To Hate And Distrust The IRS.

Many people in the country hate the IRS. We would like to say that is probably based on the idea that the agency is charged with collecting taxes from people. No one likes to give up their hard earned dollars, so it is natural that people don’t like the IRS.

However, there are those who don’t like the IRS because of their partisanship and illegal activities in targeting conservative groups prior to the 2012 election. That’s our beef with the IRS. What should be a politically neutral agency actually sought to suppress groups they didn’t like. That’s reprehensible in our view.

But now comes another reason to not like the folks at the IRS:

IRS Rehired Employees That Falsified Documents, Had Unauthorized Access to Taxpayer Information

Even when there was a note to not rehire an employee on the personnel file, IRS rehired them anyway.

The Internal Revenue Service rehired employees who were previously involved in agency misconduct such as falsifying documents or having unauthorized access to sensitive taxpayer information, according to an audit from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Considering that identify theft is a major concern, auditors wanted to inspect the agency to ensure the individuals they hire are of high integrity in safeguarding sensitive taxpayer information.

The auditors found there were 200 employees who were rehired between January 2015 and March 2016 that were terminated or separated from the agency that were either under investigation or had some misconduct that caused them to leave.

These employees had conduct issues such as falsifying employment forms or documents, unauthorized use of taxpayer accounts, misuse of email or property, absence and leave issues, workplace disruption, failure to follow instructions, and violations of the Internal Revenue Code, to name a few.

“Two rehired employees had repetitively falsified employment forms by omitting prior convictions or terminations,” the auditors said. “One rehired employee had several misdemeanors for theft and a felony for possession of a forgery device, and another rehired employee had threatened his or her co-workers.”

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Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and cozy?

We can’t even think of much to add to this post.

That the IRS rehires people like that is stunning and yet sadly, not surprising. These types of things are what people have come to expect from governments on any level.

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