AT&T Doesn’t Quite Get This “Spam” Thing.

ATT-Fire-ROH If you are AT&T, a large communications company, you should know that spam – unwanted and unsolicited emails – is a plague on most email accounts.

We have several email accounts of which one is our “super secret, private, home” account. There are very few people who have the address and we only give it to certain companies for the purposes of billing.

After all, who wants to miss an online bill or a conformation that a bill has been paid?

Last month we signed onto the web version of AT&T’s email service (now run by Yahoo!). We don’t do that often because we access email through a different program most of the time, but we were away from home and wanted to check what was in the email account.

Because the account is not well known, we get very little spam on it. We were somewhat curious as to what was in the “spam folder” on the web version of AT&T’s mail interface.

Amazingly, there was only one email in folder. The email was from AT&T itself confirming our online payment. Call us crazy, but we don’t consider that “spam.”

So maybe that was a mistake, right? After all, no one is perfect.

Before we left for the holidays this past week, we paid bills, one of which was to AT&T.

The next day, there were two emails from AT&T on the email account – one in the “inbox” folder and one in the “spam” folder.

One email confirmed our online payment and the other announced that AT&T was having an “all access” weekend which meant U-Verse television customers could receive premium channels such as HOB, Starz, etc., as well as other programming packages such as sport channels.

Want to guess as to which email was in the “inbox” older and which email was in the “spam” folder?

If you said the payment confirmation was in the “spam” folder, you win. If you thought the promotional email was in the “inbox” folder, you are correct again!

Somehow AT&T thinks important confirmations of payments is “spam” and promotional emails (which we have opted out of on the AT&T site) get dumped into the “inbox.”

Somehow we think that AT&T doesn’t have this whole “spam email” thing down.

Maybe a refresher course:

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