Baseball, Pictures, And Suspensions.

Let us introduce you to the John Burroughs High School varsity baseball team in Burbank, CA.

After what is obviously a tough year for kids in school, the baseball team returned to practice and conditioning for the start of the baseball season.

As part of a two decade tradition, the seniors on the team were photographed in front of the school.

The photographic session was organized by the mothers of the players and then posted on social media.

Parent Jo Dee Freck, whose son Rory plays on the team, took the pictures.

“Our boys have been teammates and friends for years prior to Burroughs, which has brought the families so close,” Freck told the newspaper, adding the players have lost nearly a year together.

“This photo was taken with the idea to commemorate and remember their senior season,” she said. “The boys were just trying to make their moms happy.”

The “problem” with the photos is that they show the seniors together without masks and not practicing social distancing.

The photos came to the attention of the Burbank Unified School District which was not happy and threatened to cancel the entire season. (That’s for not only the seniors, but for the entire team.)

We had a group of players and families dress up in uniform and take pictures on campus in violation of health orders (no masks, no social distancing, and mixing of families),” Hill said via email. “They then posted the picture on a JBHS baseball social media site. No player or family from the team notified the coach, school, or district of this health order violation.”

Hill continued: “I have decided to delay the return of athletic conditioning for the JBHS baseball team by one week so that the team can review health guidelines and safety protocols. I look forward to the team beginning conditioning on Monday, safely.”

Superintendent Hill seemed upset that no one said anything about the “violations.” (Because we all know that a team will inform on other teammates to an outsider.)

There can only be punishment for such actions!

In addition to the entire varsity team being suspended and prevented from conditioning and practice as a team, the seniors must take a class on coronavirus safety and protocols. (Yeah, we are sure that class will make an impression.)

The school district was talked off of the ledge of season cancellation, but parents were not happy.

Another parent of a player bristled at the superintendent’s decision to suspend the team.

“For Matt Hill to discipline a team of players based on an individual offense, separate from any team activity, is unprecedented and an egregious abuse of the district’s power in order to prove a point,” Brian Nichols told the Daily News.

“For a district that claims to care about the mental health of its students, this decision is in direct opposition of that claim.”

To us, the penalty does seem heavy handed especially in light of the fact that other players on the varsity team that weren’t even in the pictures were being punished. A simple “don’t do that again,” would have been better, but schools and school districts have to show that they are in charge of kids and not the parents. Oh, and did we mention that the Burbank Unified School District schools are not open yet despite the best science?

Though the official COVID-19 death toll in the U.S. has surpassed 520,000, kids and young teens are reportedly among the least affected. Also, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, health experts and studies have determined that the coronavirus does not spread in schools, but rather through communities.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky made a stark admission last month, noting that according to research, the virus spreads more when schools are closed than when they are open.

“What we are finding from the science-based literature is that there is more spread that is happening in the community when schools are not open than when schools are open,” she told CNN. “So we certainly want to make sure that there is limited to no transmission of disease in our schools, and of course we are managing all sorts of risks.

“If schools are closed, there is lots of other risks. That is, risks to food insecurity and many of the other things mentioned: the lack of education, educational milestones being missed,” Walensky added.

The players learned who had their backs. Including their parents:

“They were definitely in talks on canceling the whole season over that picture. But our vice president of athletics and our coach really fought for us and kept the season alive,” Rory Freck, a John Burroughs High School baseball player, told “Fox & Friends” over the weekend.

These are the types of events where parents and students start to realize that so called “educators” may be nothing more than power hungry despots.

2 Responses to “Baseball, Pictures, And Suspensions.”

  1. Percy Veer says:

    After seeing the Title of your article I spent several minutes looking at just the pictures to see if I could find something so egregious that would warrant a suspension in the images. I couldn’t, so I read the article.

    Now I’m convinced the whole world has gone nuts.

    • AAfterwit says:

      Percy Veer,

      Thanks for the comment.

      There is an old saying that goes something like “just when you think you’ve seen something that no one can top being more stupid, something else proves you wrong.”

      Such is the case here.

      A. Afterwit.