Boy, Are We Excited!

We are really excited about this week’s radio show.

For the last few weeks we have been talking about the news and interviewing candidates for offices here in Brevard County.

But this week is something special.

This week on the Steve Bussey Radio Experience we have two renowned authors who are going to be on the air with us.

In our 2 PM hour, we have Dr. Arthur Hermon, historian and author of the book “Freedom’s Forge.” We posted a review of the book here. The short version is that this is our favorite book of the year. Dr. Herman looks at a forgotten part of American history – the economy and industry prior to, during and just after World War II. He looks at the people that made it work, wanted to stop it, and how America became the “Arsenal of Democracy.” It is a compelling story and one that not many people know. It is also an appropriate story for the week of the Fourth of July due to the patriotic side of the war effort. We’ll talk to Dr. Herman on why people don’t know, and the lessons from that era than can be applied to today’s economy.

In the second hour, we have economist Dale Franks, author of “Slackernomics – Basic Economics for People Who Think Economics is Boring.” We have been reading Franks book and have admired the way he takes the complex subject of economics and makes it easy for everyday people to understand. Franks also writes on one of our favorite sites, “Questions and Observations,” which is a daily “must read” for us.

Mr. Franks will be talking about the economy in a way we can all understand it, and what must be done to get out of the mess we are in. In addition, he will be talking about the economic impact of ObamaCare. (Here’s a hint – he thinks it is a disaster.)

This should be a great show with great guests.

You can listen to the show if you are in the area on WMEL AM1300, or listen to it on the internet on the WMEL website.

Don’t forget you can call in with questions for us or our guests at (321) 631-1300.

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