BREVARD COUNTY: Rules Don’t Apply To Sitting Mayors. (REMF’s)

Palm Bay Mayor William Capote is running for County Commissioner for District 5.

It is not unusual for people to see political signs all over the place this time of year.

Capote has signs out as well which is to be expected.

What is not expected is that he is placing signs in the city right of way which is against the current sign code. That would be the sign code that the Mayor voted for twice in the last year.

To our way of thinking, this leads to two questions:
1) Where the heck is code enforcement? These signs are all over Palm Bay in the right of way. It is the responsibility and the duty of Code Enforcement to gather up the signs when the signs are placed illegally. Is Capote getting a pass because he is the Mayor?
2) Even if we assume that Capote himself is not putting the signs out, is he so oblivious to them being in the right of way not to tell the people in his campaign to not place them in illegal locations? If he is not putting out the signs, is he just letting his campaign workers be on the front lines of breaking the code while he sits in City Hall with his feet up on his desk?

It’s one or the other. Either Capote is placing the signs himself illegally, or he is sitting behind the front lines letting his campaign workers take the heat because that is what REMF‘s do.

The funny thing is that Capote’s signs advocate voting for him because of “Dedicated Proven Leadership.”

Ha ha. Ho ho. It ’tis to laugh.

As we have stated previously, these are examples of Capote’s “Proven Leadership:”

Corruption in the City?

Say it ain’t so!

  • Perhaps the Mayor doesn’t remember the “Homes for Warriors” initiative.
  • Perhaps he doesn’t remember the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) concluding the City had inappropriately used grants and other monies.
  • Perhaps he doesn’t remember the firing of the City’s Growth Manager over allegations. The same person has launched a whistleblower lawsuit against the City
  • Perhaps the Mayor doesn’t remember losing $186,259 the city previously had been allocated from the Community Development Block Grant or CDBG program, because Palm Bay did not use the money in a timely fashion.
  • Perhaps he doesn’t remember that the influx of visitors is up in Palm Bay due to investigations and presence of the FDLE, the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee (JLAC,) the FBI, SHIP, and HUD coming to visit the fair City of Palm Bay. (Thanks folks, for staying in Palm Bay hotels and eating at Palm Bay restaurants!)
  • Perhaps he doesn’t remember his own censure by the City Council for acting in an inappropriate manner.
  • Perhaps the Mayor doesn’t remember the recent firing of then City Manager Gregg Lynk, where there were accusations of kickbacks and payoffs.
  • Perhaps he doesn’t remember the fights people have had with the City to turn over public records in a timely and appropriate manner (and one which is within the law.)
  • Perhaps he may have gotten his memory jogged when Councilman Johnson says later in this discussion that City Manager Lisa Morrell has gotten the City “back on track” when dealing with and terminating staff. (If the City was never “off the track,” why does it need to get back “on the track?)

Want more?

On page 1 of the Investigative Report Binder, the report describes how the investigation kicked off:

[FBI Special Agent Bridgette] Trela reported that approximately a year and a half ago, a public integrity investigation was initiated by the FBI after obtaining information that Jose G Aguiar (hereinafter Aguiar) was attempting to gain preferential treatment and profit for himself or others through bribery and extortion involving the following Palm Bay officials: City Manager Gregg J. Lynk, Assistant City Manager,

David lsnardi, City Planner Stuart Arthur Buchanan, Mayor Guillermo Capote, Deputy Mayor Harry Santiago, Jr, Economic Development Director Andrew Anderson and Council members Jeffrey Alan Bailey, Jr., Calvin Lewis Holton, Ill and Brian Jacob Anderson.

The accusations within the report concerning Mayor Capote include:

  • Capote received kickbacks from Thrifty Grocery
  • Aguiar offered Capote free housing and a car
  • Promise that Capote would steer city health coverage to Christopher Robinson, Aguiar’s associate
  • Misuse of city money by Capote
  • Aguiar controls Capote’s vote

On page 67, of the Investigative Report Binder, serial #33 (report #33) has this troubling information:

On November 13, 2017, FBl SA Andersen and SA Lewis met with Confidential Source (CS). The CS is a real estate developer who reportedly has had frequent contact with members of Palm Bay City government. The 08’s company specializes in developing mixed-use sports complexes, which is how the CS eventually came in contact with Palm Bay Mayor Guillermo Capote. Sometime during October or November of 2015, Mayor Capote and the CS met and discussed bringing a minor league baseball team to Palm Bay. A vacant property at U31 and RJ Conlan Blvd. (former a concrete plant) was selected as a location where a stadium could be built and Mayor Capote informed the CS that he (Mayor Capote) could expedite the process and get the project approved (“Whatever you need, we can push it through).

At the same time, the CS’ company had six additional projects undenway in Palm Bay, which the CS estimated that they had already invested between $300,000 and $400,000 in the projects to this point. The mayor and the CS met on several other occasions, during which they discussed the various projects that CS was involved in. One of the meetings was attended by the mayor, the CS, and attorneys Gabriel McKee and Roy Van Wyk, and another meeting was attended by the CS, the mayor, and Palm Bay City employees James Marshall and Andy Anderson. During the various meetings, the mayor assured the CS that he would be able to obtain the city council’s approval and expedite the process.

The mayor subsequently approached the CS and requested a donation for the Mayor’s Ball in the amount of $150 per person or $1500 per table. The CS informed the mayor that they did not make contributions to organizations they do business with. The mayor appeared displeased by the statement and responded by stating something to the effect, “If you want to do work in this town you need to contribute.” The CS thought the mayor was utilizing his official position to leverage money (“a bribe”) from the CS. (emphasis ours)

Just recently, we have seen Capote violate City Council Policies and Procedures, as well as sending Acting City Manager Sherman (who should know better) after a political rival of Capote to stop the rival from distributing food to the needy in Palm Bay.

The people of Palm Bay couldn’t stand four more years of that type of “leadership” (even if he could run) and Brevard County can’t stand him on the County Commission as well.

Capote has demonstrated his special level of corruption to the people, as well as exemplifying the idea that rules and laws – even the rules he voted on – don’t apply to elected officials. They only apply to the little people.

Finally, we got a chuckle out of this:

Notice the statement “A True Professional!!!!”

Nothing says “professional” more than four (3!) exclamation marks.

After all, if you can’t demonstrate excitement with the first one, and even with the the second one, the third one will certainly make the point clear.

The bottom line is that the people in any city, county, state or nation deserve better than Capote.

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  1. My 2¢ says:

    I’d love to find out if he gave himself special permission to place his litter all over town.

    (A) Property owned by Governmental Body. No private person or group shall erect, install …… a sign located on property owned by a Governmental Body without the prior written agreement of such Governmental Body.