Brevard County Schools To Host Meeting On Masks.

Today at 10 AM, the Brevard County School Board will host a meeting to discuss masks and other COVID responses within schools.

Emergency School Board Meeting Called for August 30th at 10:00 a.m.

Brevard School Board Calls Emergency Meeting to Discuss Face Mask Policy

Viera, FL – An emergency meeting has been scheduled to discuss BPS’s face mask policy, the Brevard School Board announced Saturday.

The meeting will take place Monday, August 30th, at 10:00 a.m. at the School Board building at 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, FL 32940.

The public will be allowed into the board meeting room beginning at 9:15 a.m. Audience members will be able to sign up to speak during public comment with comments limited to one minute per speaker.

The meeting will be broadcast on the BPS cable channel and on the BPS YouTube channel.

Two things of note: The first is the early hour of the meeting when people are at work. Secondly, the School Board has decided to decrease the amount of time people can speak on the issue to one minute rather than the normal three minutes they allocate for comments on issues.

It is almost as if the School Board doesn’t want to hear from people. (We wonder how the School Board will react when people start to say things they don’t like. After all, they have a history of violating the First Amendment.)

The meeting is in response to a judge striking down the “no mask” mandate issued by the DeSantis administration for schools.

The decision strikes us a deeply flawed as the judge wrote:

Invoking the constitutional principle of separation of powers, the judge alluded to a different bill passed by the state legislature, which DeSantis signed, affording school boards the power to act within their discretion to adopt a policy such as a mask mandate.

“The doctrine of separation of powers requires that the discretionary power exercised by the school board, cannot be interfered by the judiciary, or by the executive branch of government, and neither the judiciary nor the executive can substitute judgment for the school board’s power,” he continued.

Under that thinking, the state could not mandate safety standards for buses, bus stops, fire prevention devices, etc., within any school district and would leave that up to the local district.

Still, we disagreed with DeSantis’ mandate in principle. We believe that parents should be the ones to determine whether their kids wear masks and if that means convincing the local school board to make a mask mandate, that’s fine.

In the movie “The Patriot,” starring Mel Gibson, there is a scene where Colonial delegates are arguing about joining the fight for independence against the British during the American Revolution.

There is this exchange:

Mr. Howard: We ARE citizens of an American nation! And our rights are being threatened by a tyrant three thousand miles away!

Benjamin Martin: Would you tell me please, Mr. Howard, why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as a king can.

People have accused DeSantis of being a tyrant (and we suspect that this is because they are trying to discredit him prior to any run for the Presidency,) but at the same time the principle is correct – local elected officials can trample the rights of people just as effectively as someone a great distance away.

That being said, we would argue that local officials are more in-tune with the needs of the local population than someone who is looking at and dealing with everyone in a given state. In short, there is a difference between Brevard County and Miami-Dade. DeSantis’ orders have to take into account both areas, which means that with changing conditions, the state cannot adapt and pivot in response to new information and data as quickly as local officials can. It is the principle of “home rule” in effect and we are for that more than we are a centralized “one size fits all” method. That principle is why the Tenth Amendment exists as it restricts the power of the larger Federal government and leaves most things up to the states.

However, if there is one thing that the COVID pandemic has made clear, it is that people will lie to get people to follow or believe them.

For example, the School Board will be debating requirement that all students wear a mask because the “science” says masks are an effective way of preventing the spread of COVID.

That may not be true – or at least as true to the extent that people say:

Most blue surgical face masks used by many during the pandemic are not enough to avoid people from being infected with COVID-19, an alarming new study has found.

The study from the University of Waterloo in Canada showed N95 or KN95 masks did the best job in containing aerosol droplets from the wearer’s mouth.

The blue, cloth surgical masks that have become popular during the pandemic were found be only 10 percent effective as it doe not cover the face properly.

‘There is no question it is beneficial to wear any face covering, both for protection in close proximity and at a distance in a room,’ study leader Serhiy Yarusevych, a professor of mechanical and mechatronics engineering, said in a statement.

‘However, there is a very serious difference in the effectiveness of different masks when it comes to controlling aerosols.’

Yarusevych and team said that many people wear masks that don’t fit their faces properly, unlike the N95, which straps itself tightly around the wearer.

This causes aerosol droplets to escape through multiple openings between a person’s face and the cloth mask, which could spread COVID-19 in populous areas.

The N95 was conversely able to filter over 50% of aerosol droplets while the other half is dispersed above the wearer’s head.

‘A lot of this may seem like common sense,’ Yarusevych comments. ‘There is a reason, for instance, that medical practitioners wear N95 masks – they work much better. The novelty here is that we have provided solid numbers and rigorous analysis to support that assumption.’

Yarusevych team added that ventilation tests revealed even modest ventilation rates provide about the same level of protection as the highest quality masks.

If a mandate passes the School Board, will that mandate include the type of mask that must be worn (ie an N95 mask) or will the Board in the name of “science” go against actual science on the efficacy of the masks most people are wearing?

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden’s former COVID-19 advisor and top epidemiologist warned Americans ‘that many of the face cloth coverings that people wear are not very effective’.

Michael Osterholm spoke with CNN saying that people need to start wearing N95 respirators which are more effective against COVID-19.

Once again, will the School Board rely on “science” or actual science?

We have seen people on the other side of the issue – the “non-maskers” make dubious claims as well.

We have seen them demand they be allowed into and onto private property because they have a “medical exemption” (signed by Dr. Seuss no doubt) or that a store must accommodate them under the American With Disabilities Act (ADA) because they have a breathing disability and so they “cannot” wear a mask.

Of course, neither is true. We have seen health care workers wear masks for their entire shifts of 8, 10, and 12 hours. As for the accommodation under the ADA, an accommodation must be “reasonable,” which means that things like curbside deliveries and shopping online meet the law’s requirements. One little known fact about the ADA is that no business may be forced to “accommodate” anyone if that accommodation puts others – including employees – at risk. That means that a store or business does not have to allow anyone in that doesn’t wear a mask.

It has been our experience that the “anti-maskers” are those who are not following the science as well, and are often simply in the “you’re not the boss of me” mode.

But in the vein of “science,” here is some “science to remember:

From the World Health Organization:

WHO Claimed In January Wuhan Virus Couldn’t Be Transmitted to Humans, Because China Said It Wasn’t Contagious, Destroyed Evidence.

How about some information on the FDA “approved” vaccine?

Israel says Pfizer Covid vaccine is just 39% effective as delta spreads, but still prevents severe illness.

You may have heard that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 shot received FDA approval this past Monday. Politicians, national health officials, and journalists are breathless with excitement about how this approval will finally induce the remaining “vaccine-hesitant” into stepping forward to receive their jab. The FDA even has a press release on its website about it.

There’s just one problem.

If you read the actual letters that the FDA sent to Pfizer on August 23, 2021, you’ll see that the FDA did no such thing. In the sense that the term “FDA approval” is generally understood, this drug is not approved by the FDA. It is still under EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). It is still an experimental drug.

The FDA sent two letters. The first one was a letter of BLA (Biologics License Application) approval, and the second was a letter of EUA extension to COMIRNATY.

The BLA approval letter approves Pfizer’s application for a license to label its COVID-19 drug with the brand name COMIRNATY. This letter also spells out the terms and requirements for nine additional clinical trials over five years, and yearly status reports, to study the acknowledged occurrences of myocarditis and pericarditis that have followed the administering of the Pfizer shots. This license to label and manufacture is not a full approval of the drug, which clearly is still subject to many years of clinical trials.

The EUA extension letter extends the term of the EUA for the current drug and authorizes (licenses) the experimental use of the brand-name drug COMIRNATY. In the first paragraph on page 2, this letter references the license approval letter. In the second paragraph on page 2, the August 12 EUA is re-issued to include the name-branded drug in the emergency use authorization, and to add “language regarding warnings and precautions related to myocarditis and pericarditis.” In the last paragraph on page 4, the EUA nature of the drugs is re-iterated, and COMIRNATY is additionally authorized for use for individuals aged 12 through 15 years.

The mRNA gene therapy shots are still experimental.

About that vaccine and the Delta variant:

Israel says Pfizer Covid vaccine is just 39% effective as delta spreads, but still prevents severe illness

Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine is just 39% effective in Israel where the delta variant is the dominant strain, but still provides strong protection against severe illness and hospitalization, according to a new report from the country’s Health Ministry.

The efficacy figure, which is based on an unspecified number of people between June 20 and July 17, is down from an earlier estimate of 64% two weeks ago and conflicts with data out of the U.K. that found the shot was 88% effective against symptomatic disease caused by the variant.

However, the two-dose vaccine still works very well in preventing people from getting seriously sick, demonstrating 88% effectiveness against hospitalization and 91% effectiveness against severe illness, according to the Israeli data published Thursday.

“We have to be mindful that, with time, the effectiveness of these vaccines may wane,” said Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease professor at the University of Toronto.

Even that data is suspect:

52% of Southern Nevada COVID-19 Deaths Were Fully Vaccinated? That’s What This Data Says

On August 11th, the first report after the revised methodology, SNHD reported a total of 37 breakthrough deaths. Just one week later, on August 19th, SNHD reported a total of 87 deaths, meaning that in a week, 50 of the COVID-19 related deaths for the SNHD were fully vaccinated, people. The majority of the people who have breakthrough cases reported since August 4th do not have preexisting conditions (1462 had them while 4847 did not). Of those that were vaccinated, 63% had received the Pfizer vaccine, 21% the Moderna, and 16% had received another vaccine. According to the data, only 5% of the total breakthrough cases needed hospitalization, and the Delta variant was identified as the cause of most of the cases. Initially, 73% of all breakthrough cases were people over the age of 65, but that number plummeted to 23%, with 44% of the new breakthrough cases between August 11th and August 19th involving 25-44-year-olds.

During that same period of time (August 11th – August 19th), the SNHD’s total COVID Deaths (those of both vaccinated and unvaccinated), rose from 4936 to 5032, or 96 deaths. Of the total deaths, 50 of them were fully vaccinated, meaning 52% of the deaths were fully vaccinated patients. As previously discussed, only 46% of the county is vaccinated, showing that vaccinated people were more likely to die from a COVID-19 infection from this sample than were the unvaccinated. At 52%, a 6 point swing isn’t drastic enough to justify saying the vaccine is more dangerous than being unvaccinated, but the narrative that the vaccine makes it so you are less likely to die from COVID-19 doesn’t hold water in this case.

The point of this author pointing out these discrepancies isn’t to tell people not to get vaccinated. The percentage of side-effects is so low, that the vast majority of people (including myself) have been fully vaccinated without so much as a hiccup. The point is, as many of you likely already agree, that the narrative that government leaders are following “the science” doesn’t seem to be true in this case. Vaccinated people accounted for more than half of new cases, and more than half of new deaths, absent any explanation accounting for the jump. I personally have dealt with friends, who are very angry that they complied with government requests in exchange for promises only to have them broken.

About the only thing that people are consistently sick of is the everchanging government mandates that seem to ignore data that doesn’t support their narrative. (emphasis ours)

Trusting the government to be able to eradicate COVID:

Initially, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines had remarkable efficacy rates of 94% to 95%, respectively. By contrast, other countries developed vaccines using outdated technology. China’s Sinovac vaccine technology, for example, dated back to the 1950s and was, at best, less than 50% efficacious in protecting against COVID-19.

So, things appeared promising for Americans and the U.S. economy (never mind Obama’s sad and insulting quip on late-night television that OWS’s accomplishments were “not rocket science”). Sadly, however, the Biden administration has squandered OWS’s progress. The desperate public vaccination campaigns that we see today were a race against time because of the risk the targeted virus would mutate while there were still many unvaccinated potential hosts.

The Trump White House had protected Americans and public health by strictly enforcing travel restrictions from other countries, building a border wall, and ending the “catch and release” of illegal immigrants. Yet under Biden, and according to CNN and the Washington Examiner respectively, between 180,000 and 213,000 illegal aliens—people unchecked and unscreened for health conditions or criminal backgrounds—are crossing into our country every month that we know about. They’re also apparently exempt from needing an ID to board domestic flights.

Illegal immigrants at America’s southern border are not only made up of Mexicans. They come from cultures and societies around the world—many at odds with American ideals, morals, and freedoms—including the Middle East, China, India, South America, Central America, Africa, even the former Soviet Union.

It’s not just COVID-19 and its variants through these means that should concern us. The following diseases, to name a few, were unthinkable in the U.S. a year ago:

1) drug-resistant tuberculosis;
2) malaria;
3) lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis);
4) mumps; and
5) rubella.

Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan still regularly see cases of polio, but we haven’t had a case in the U.S. in over four decades.

The only disease the world has managed to eradicate is smallpox, according to The Carter Center, but that was long before the American left’s open borders made eliminating existing diseases next to impossible. It’s so bad that even border-state Democrats are sounding the alarm about the deluge of illegals, and Biden’s own DHS secretary, Alejandro Majorkas, said in recently leaked audio that the current crisis is “unsustainable.”

The Weill Cornell School of Medicine and others say the Delta variant originated outside of the U.S. The data show originations in Pakistan and/or India, where infection rates were (and still are) out of control.

Now, the Biden administration, due to a profound misunderstanding of virus epidemiology, has effectively destroyed Operation Warp Speed’s efforts. America’s vaccines (including Pfizer and Moderna)—which had been >94% effective—have objectively been shown, through studies, to be merely 39% to 64% effective against the Delta variant. Yet Anthony Fauci head-scratchingly stated that “all three COVID-19 vaccines have equal 88% effectiveness against the Delta variant”—and confusingly referred to a study from the New England Journal of Medicine. But that journal only tested investigational, non-available versions of the vaccines.

Fauci’s efficacy claim is inaccurate. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine has never shown efficacy in the U.S. above 78% against the original version of the virus. Fauci later backpedaled, saying, “Things are going to get worse.” On that point, he was right. On Independence Day weekend, a COVID-19 outbreak occurred in Provincetown, Mass., where 75% of patients infected with COVID-19 had already been fully vaccinated, according to the CDC.

Is it possible Fauci has no idea how effective our vaccines are against the Delta variant?

Under Biden, America is plunged back in pandemic mode, with the CDC reinstituting mask mandate recommendations as of July 28, 2021. The Delta variant is the dominant strain now found in the U.S., accounting for >82% of new cases as of July 20. Yet by all accounts, the importation of Delta was 100% avoidable.

“Trusting” what the government and government advisors tell people:

Dr. Fauci Admits to Misleading the Public on Health Information

White House Wuhan Coronavirus Taskforce member Dr. Fauci admitted in a recent New York Times interview that he has been changing the numbers on herd immunity for the public based on “a gut feeling” Americans can now handle the truth. From the story (bolding is mine):

Recently, a figure to whom millions of Americans look for guidance — Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, an adviser to both the Trump administration and the incoming Biden administration — has begun incrementally raising his herd-immunity estimate.

In the pandemic’s early days, Dr. Fauci tended to cite the same 60 to 70 percent estimate that most experts did. About a month ago, he began saying “70, 75 percent” in television interviews. And last week, in an interview with CNBC News, he said “75, 80, 85 percent” and “75 to 80-plus percent.”

In a telephone interview the next day, Dr. Fauci acknowledged that he had slowly but deliberately been moving the goal posts. He is doing so, he said, partly based on new science, and partly on his gut feeling that the country is finally ready to hear what he really thinks.

Hard as it may be to hear, he said, he believes that it may take close to 90 percent immunity to bring the virus to a halt — almost as much as is needed to stop a measles outbreak.

Dr. Fauci said that weeks ago, he had hesitated to publicly raise his estimate because many Americans seemed hesitant about vaccines, which they would need to accept almost universally in order for the country to achieve herd immunity.

Yet five people, none who have any science degrees, and cannot understand the plain meaning of the First Amendment, are going to tell parents and kids what they must do to stop the spread of COVID?

Our concern is not that the Brevard County School Board does not have the authority to make such a decision, but one has to question the basis of the decisions that are made.

It is clear that misinformation is a problem in fighting COVID:

WHO says Covid misinformation is a major factor driving pandemic around the world

  • WHO official Maria Van Kerkhove said Tuesday that misinformation about Covid and vaccines appears to have gotten worse and is keeping people from getting the shots, driving an increase in cases.
  • In July, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy declared Covid misinformation a “serious public threat.”
  • Most unvaccinated Americans think the Covid vaccines are more of a threat to their health than contracting the virus itself, according to Kaiser Family Foundation data.

We agree with the assessment that there is misinformation out there. However, people aren’t getting information on COVID willy nilly. People look to the World Health Organization, as well as Federal, State and local governments to tell people the truth.

COVID has exposed the inconvenient truth that major organizations and governments are incapable of dispensing the truth.

The people have been lied to, mislead, and acted upon false information – information that organizations and governments knew were false.

But today starting at 10 AM, the Brevard County School Board is going to rely on that same “science” and “experts” that got us into this mess.

To be clear, we are not saying that people should not get vaccinated. We are not saying that people should not mask up. We are not saying that people should not be respectful of the health dangers that are out there.

What we are saying is that when governments – politicians – tell any one any thing about COVID and how to fight it, their words should be taken with a great deal of skepticism.

And we have history and science on our side to prove that.

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