But One Life.

The other day, President Obama gave a speech outlining his proposals for gun control. Often ignoring the law and the Constitution, he plowed ahead to the point where he started to tear up and cry. He said that he got emotional when he thinks of all the people killed by gun violence. People have commented on this and frankly, we were disturbed by the optics of the tears.

It was darned near impossible for us to imagine George Bush crying after 3000 Americans lost their lives on 9/11. It it impossible to think of Johnson crying after the assignation of John F. Kennedy. It is difficult to imagine Kennedy himself crying in public. We certainly did not see Eisenhower cry during the Korean conflict. There was no wavering in FDR’s voice as he asked Congress to declare war on Japan. Even Abraham Lincoln, who seemed to allow the deaths of every soldier in the North and South to rip apart his heart and soul never shed a tear.

It is not something that we expect of our leaders.

That’s our opinion on how it looked, and you are free to disagree with that opinion.

AF Branco of Comically Incorrect, takes a more direct approach to lack of logic and critical thinking behind those tears. As usual, he does it with devastating effectiveness.


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