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The Principal Who Should Be Fired – Along With Everyone Who Went Along With Her.

There are very few things that we come across that are mind blowing and jaw dropping. After years of this blog being a part of the blog-o-sphere, we are more cynical than we used to be.

This story has us shaking our head for so many reasons.

Let us introduce you to Sharyn Briscoe.

Mary Lin Elementary School principal Sharyn Briscoe

Briscoe is the principal of the Mary Lin Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kila Posey, the Vice President of the Parent Teachers Association at the school approached Briscoe concerning her daughter who she felt would do better in a class with another teacher.

Briscoe denied the request and the reason is stunning:

Posey said she found out the school was putting Black students in two separate classes with two separate teachers.

The white kids were placed in six classes with six different teachers.

The parent said she found this out when she let Briscoe know she wanted her child placed in the


Loudoun County VA Teacher Resigns.

Loudoun County Public School System is the third largest in the State of Virginia with over 80,000 students.

As of Wednesday night, the County is down one teacher.

Laura Morris had been an elementary school teacher in the district for 5 years and according to her, a teacher for ten.

At a meeting were topic of discussion were to include transgender policies, mask policies and Critical Race Theory in the school system. (We keep hearing people saying that CRT is not being taught in elementary and secondary schools. They are not paying attention as it clearly is.)

Large crowds were gathered outside of the meeting (which was later suspended because of the number of public comments) but it was Morris’ comments and resignation that has caught the eye of the nation.

Morris alleges that in one “equity training session,” the person conducting the training told the group “that White, Christian, able-bodied females currently have the power in our schools and ‘this has to change.’”

Critical Race Theory.

In three short videos, we are going to show what the so called “Critical Race Theory” that is being put forth in schools is about.

Then, we’ll talk a little about it.

First, what “Critical Race Theory,” (CRT) is:

Here a 15 year old explains to a deaf school board how CRT is presented, and how instead of uniting people of all races, it divides them:

Let’s All Cheer For Free Speech!

In 2017, high school freshman Brandy Levy was not selected to the varsity cheerleader squad.

Away from the school and the school campus, Levy voiced her frustration in a Snapchat post showing Levy and a friend extending their middle fingers. The image was accompanied by the words:

“f**k school f**k softball f**k cheer f**k everything”

(Except Levy did not use asterisks.)

Virginia School Board Enjoined From Suspending Teacher.

Meet Tanner Cross.

Cross is a physical education teacher in Loudoun County, Virginia. He has been teaching for over eight years, gets good performance reviews, and has never been in any trouble within the school system. A recent evaluation concluded that Cross was “extremely professional,” an “excellent role model” and a “mentor to students.” Cross’s contract with the school district was renewed for the 2022 – 2023 school year.

All this was occurring before the night of May 25, 2021 when Cross stood up at a public School Board meeting, and during the time for public comments, addressed a policy the Loudoun County School Board was looking to implement concerning transgendered students.

Specifically, proposed policy 8040 states:

Another FAIL By The School Board.

A few days ago we talked about the massive “fail” on the part of the Brevard School Board and their General Council in defending the unConstitutional rules on suppression of speech at School Board meetings.

One of the cases that was cited by the General Counsel was the case of Steinburg v. Chesterfield County Planning Comm’n.

The case is from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and being that Florida is in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the ruling does not directly apply to Florida. The General Counsel, in his response, stated that very fact for clarification when he wrote:

Steinburg is a 4th Circuit Court of Appeals case, but they cite the US Supreme Court’s decision in Good News Club for the holding, along with the Collinson case.

It appears that we dug a little deeper than the General Counsel in that the Steinberg decision references another case called Bach v. School Board. of the City of Virginia Beach.

In that case, a District Court overturned a rule that was used against one David Bach, who during a public meeting, spoke in front of the Virginia Beach School Board.

In Baltimore City – Students Fail And Move On To The Next Level.

In March of 2021, we wrote a post concerning the Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts which is a high school level school in West Baltimore.

A child who passed only 3 courses over four years was ranked within the top half of the student at the school. Out of 434 students, only two students could read and do math at their grade level. The school, the students, and the parents could hardly be considered a model of educational excellence, even though that is what the school was portrayed as being.

Fast forward through the pandemic, and once again we see the failure of the Baltimore City Schools to achieve and demand excellence from students.

Sometimes You Gotta Feel For Teachers.

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