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Why Masks Work BETTER Than You’d Think.

The math of masks.

This video is about how masks (whether surgical, or N95, or cloth) are counterintuitive and actually work much better epidemiologically than one might expect. Masks do double-duty, and the fraction of interactions with masks is much higher than the fraction of people wearing masks, so partially adopted, partially effective masks are able to reduce the basic reproduction number surprisingly well

This is somewhat fascinating when you watch it because it turns out there is more to the effectiveness of masks that you may think.

Why Did the Democratic South Become Republican?

From Prager U.

The south used to vote Democrat. Now it votes Republican. Why the switch? Was it, as some people say, because the GOP decided to appeal to racist whites? Carol Swain, Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University, explains.

Correction: President Eisenhower ordered 101st Airborne to Little Rock, Arkansas, in September 1957; that is, after the 1956 Presidential election, not as stated in the video, before the election.

Facts matter.

Some People Are Scum.

There is no other way of putting this: Some people are scum and will use anything they can to scam people out of a few bucks.

The latest trick is that people are selling “Face Mask Exempt” cards which carry the seal of the Department of Justice saying that the bearer of the card is exempt from wearing faces masks and that requiring them to do so is a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act.


History Of The Confederate Flag.

Yep. We are going there. In light of controversies over the so called “Confederate Flag,” (which was actually the flag used on battlefields and did not signify a “national flag,”) we thought it would be good to take a look at the actual history of the flags of the Confederate States of America.

This segment is part of a longer broadcast by CSPAN in their American History: American Artifacts Series. In this case, they visit the “Confederate White House.”

While we are not endorsing the Confederacy or the use of the battle flag by some groups today, we are endorsing the idea that people should learn history otherwise, we are “doomed to repeat it.”

Nazi Headstones.

There are few people out there that hate Nazis more than we do. Our staff here has relatives they never got to meet because they were killed by the Nazis during World War II. We imagine the same hatred exists for Jews and people in the area of the Eastern Front where both Nazis and Soviet troops treated civilians in horrifying manners.

It is therefore understandable the controversy over three headstones here in the United States for men who were Nazis and bear Nazi symbols.

On Memorial Day, a holiday meant to mourn those in the U.S. military who have died while serving their country, a group of lawmakers took the opportunity to call out what they see as a stain on two veterans cemeteries in Texas and Utah.

At two graves in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio and one grave in Fort Douglas Post Cemetery in Salt Lake City lie German prisoners of war from WWII. These graves, which have existed for decades, are marked with Nazi symbols, and in recent weeks the calls have grown louder to have them removed.

Whether Buried Here Or Abroad, Today We Honor The Memory, The Lives, And The Service Of Those Who Died For This Country.

A post on the meaning, observance and history of Memorial Day.

THE GENERAL WEPT when he heard the news. About 3 a.m. on November 3, 1917, German troops overran an isolated Allied outpost near Verdun, killing three men from the 16th Infantry who had slipped into the trenches for their combat debut only hours before. These were the first of Jack Pershing’s men to die in the Great War. One was shot between the eyes; another had his skull smashed. The third was found face down, his throat cut. All three were buried near where they had died, amid the beautiful rolling hills of northeastern France. This was as it should be, General Pershing believed. There was no time to bring fallen soldiers back to the States, he said, nor any space on ships crossing the Atlantic. And he couldn’t bear to think of mothers opening caskets to see their boys ravaged by the fearsome new weapons of the industrial era. Within days, however, the War Department discovered that the families and friends of the dead thought differently. Letters and telegrams arrived in Washington asking when the soldiers’ remains would be shipped home. Grand funerals were planned. No matter that the men had died an ocean away or that the war was still going on. Bring them home. This was a refrain Pershing and the military establishment would hear for the rest of the war, indeed, for years afterward. History had given the American people definite ideas about what to do with the war dead. And they weren’t to be denied.


Does Getting COVID-19 Make You Immune To It?

What a month it has been, eh?

Here’s looking to a brighter May as we all move forward.

More Good News On COVID-19.

Several good (actually great) stories on the news front today about COVID-19.

First up, President Trump has announced the FDA has cleared Hydroxychloroquine for use in clinical trials for curing COVID-19.

President Trump confirmed Thursday that Hydroxychloroquine has been approved by FDA for prescription treatment of COVID-19.

“We slashed red tape to develop vaccines and therapies as fast as it can possibly be done, long before anybody else was even thinking about doing this,” he said. “As we race to develop a vaccine we’re also pursuing anti-viral therapies…and to me that’s even more important. The vaccine by its nature you have to have long tests…the therapies are something we can move on much faster potentially.”

“Clinical trials are already underway for many new therapies,” he said, noting that if treatments have been known to be safe in other countries, they will consider them. “Nothing will stand in our way.”

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