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Rocket Launch As Seen From The Space Station.

This is cool.

A one-and-a-half minute time lapse video showing the Russian Soyuz-FG Rocket launched from Earth back in 2018 to bring supplies to the International Space Station.

Lucky Or Good?

Whether this play from the Villanova vs. Delaware game is lucky or good is a matter or opinion. Maybe it is a case of both.

Still, it is amazing to watch.

What Does Every U.S State Flag Mean?

Flags! (And not with Sheldon Cooper.)

Flags are important to a region’s identity. They may have symbols on them you never thought about, but tell a story. Here is a video teaching the meaning behind every U.S State flag.

That’s My King!

Our annual Easter post, once again from Igniter Media.

The late S.M. Lockridge once presented an incredible message, describing our God and who He is. Though God can’t be described with just words, this is as close as you can get this side of Heaven.

May you all have a joyous Easter and celebrate a new beginning which is possible for all.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hug someone with red hair today.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated annually on March 17, the anniversary of his death in the fifth century. The Irish have observed this day as a religious holiday for over 1,000 years. On St. Patrick’s Day, which falls during the Christian season of Lent, Irish families would traditionally attend church in the morning and celebrate in the afternoon. Lenten prohibitions against the consumption of meat were waived and people would dance, drink and feast–on the traditional meal of Irish bacon and cabbage.

We Can’t Imagine…..

It had to be one of the worst days of Steven Rauch’s life.

The police told him they had identified two teens that were shot and killed in a shootout with police. One of those dead teens was Rauch’s 17 year old daughter, Farrah.

It is difficult for us to imagine the pain of a parent having to bury a child. It is infinitely more difficult to imagine the pain of a parent whose child was shot and killed by the police.

It is beyond our comprehension when that parent has to deal with the police shooting the child because the child had opened fire on the police. (The only thing worse would be a child killed while unarmed and complying with the police. Our point is that no one tries to raise a kid that is going to steal things and then get into a firefight with the police.)

It’s Enough To Make You Want To Move To The Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado.

(Of course, if everyone moved there, the views shown in this video would go away.)

According to Wikipedia, the Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado….

The Wet Mountain Valley is nestled beneath the biologically diverse Wet Mountains on the east, and the Sangre de Cristo Range that parallels the valley on the west. Both mountain ranges are in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains system of the Southern Rocky Mountains.

According to the region’s website,

Westcliffe and Silver Cliff are Colorado’s first designated International Dark Sky Community, and we’re the highest elevation of those sites in the world.

By “Dark Sky Community,” the people in the area do all they can to keep lighting at night to a bare minimum. This means that the community run observatory, as well as the general public gets to see spectacular views of the night sky.

The views are stunning.



Welcome Back MR. Potato Head.

You may have read last week that Hasbo decided to end “Mr. Potato Head” and instead just go with “Potato Head.”

The outcry from people shook the foundation of the toy world – especially as Hasbro was still making Mrs. Potato Head. (Furthermore, think about the children of the couple …. the tator tots.)

Hasbro has changed its mind and Mr. Potato Head will remain.

It hard to imagine whose half baked idea it was to end Mr. Potato Head in the first place. No matter what, the mashing together of toys and woke-ness is never a good thing. Whoever approved it should be stuffed and fried.

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