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Next thing will be if the case for Alexis makes her look fat.

Oreo CEO: Stop Making New Oreos.

From the folks at College Humor.


Bereavement Oreos?

Self Improvement.

Just a quick note…..we are all dealing with either health issues or family issues. Please take this time to enjoy some lighter RoH fare until we can get back. Thanks for understanding.

(courtesy @alarminglybad)

Ain’t this the truth though?


(Image courtesy of Wyatt and Blu.)


courtesy They Can Talk. (Visit them for other views of the world through the eyes of animals.)

Five Stages Of Spring Cleaning.

Sometimes You Gotta Feel For Teachers.

courtesy @summersoffcomics

Under New Management.

On this first day of April, we want to let people know that the writers and management of Raised on Hoecakes have been replaced. We were able to strike a deal with the former owners to obtain the name of the site and the underlying posts, images, themes, etc.

We ask for your patience as we transition from the racist, privileged ideas of the people who ran this site to more enlightened content.

As part of this transition, we are demanding that all staff drink Coke in support of Coke’s training on “How to Be Less White.” Additionally, staffers will be required to wear masks in all meetings, including meetings on Zoom and while in the home. Employment agreements will extend this basic life preserving protection to family members in the home as well.

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