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Don’t Drink And Drive Your Suitcase Through The Airport.

ORLANDO, Fla. – An intoxicated passenger who was barred from boarding an airplane at Orlando International Airport rode away from the gate on a motorized suitcase as a police officer on a bicycle followed behind her, court records and newly released video shows.

“We’re going to have a bike pursuing a suitcase in a minute,” an Orlando police officer said as he tried to catch up to the passenger, who was driving a scooter-like electric vehicle mounted to her luggage.

It did not end well.

“Terrorist” Pig Got His “Punk A**” Slapped.

After today’s earlier post on the Magistrate in Colorado saying a City’s censorship of a person’s description of police was legal, we couldn’t resist the title of this post. It is meant tongue in cheek.

For the record, we don’t think badly of all police and acknowledge that the vast majority are good, hard working men and women who are for too often tainted by the actions of a few within their ranks.

A 50 year old woman named Sandra D. Kobs-Sabo decided to go the Crossroads Tavern in Bismark, North Dakota.

At the Crossroads Tavern, you can drink, play darts, pool, video poker, watch some sports, eat some food and just have a good time. It is no wonder Kobs-Sabo went there.

While she was there, however, an unnamed police officer came in to do a “bar check.”

Kobs-Sabo couldn’t help herself.

Nothing To Hide.

Someone has waaaaaaay too much time on their hands.

Still, this is funny.

DoorDash Delivery Completed By Police Officer.

Anastasia Elsinger, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota wanted some Arby’s food and like many these days, had DoorDash deliver it.

There was a hitch in the delivery though.

Thanks For Reporting A Stinking Case Of “Domestic Violence.”

Yes, this made us laugh.

It is nice that there are people that are looking out for their neighbors instead of ignoring what may be occurring, but still, we would have loved to see the couples’ faces and those of the police.

Mascot Gets Ejected.

Devon Booker is a NBA player for the Phoenix Suns. He played collegiate ball at the University of Kentucky, where the fans are rabid rooting for the team just as fans on the road rood against Kentucky.

It was therefore somewhat of a surprise the other day when after shooting a free throw, Booker demanded that the referees move the mascot for the Toronto Raptors.

As he is shooting the first free throw, the Raptor mascot jumps up in the air to distract Booker’s shot. It is a tactic that has been going on for as long as people have been playing sports.

Dogs And Christmas Trees.

We saw a meme that talked about dogs, sticks and Christmas trees. Our graphics guy recreated it for a friend who has two dachshunds.

(She has had several dachshunds in her life but never a puppy. All of her dachshunds are rescue dachshunds that are from bad or deteriorating situations. The two she has now were rescued from a woman who was dying of cancer, and the dogs were set to be euthanized due to their age.)

She posted it on her Facebook wall and suddenly there were people asking for requests that the meme be made with images of their dog.

The graphics guy did them all, making each one unique. Some with Santa hats on them or not. It was all up the owner.

It was his Christmas gift to friends of a friend and if it made people smile, he was good with that.

Then this came to our attention:


While funny, we have to wonder if we are heading down this path….

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