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A little Sunday humor…

Four Types Of People At State Fairs.

Charlie Berens heads to the Wisconsin State Fair to showcase the 4 types of people you might see there. Charlie tries all the deep fried food on a stick as the Foodie, tries to act like a caring human as the Politician, goes over the safest rides as the Carny, and makes his move on Alice in Dairyland as the 4-H kid.


The Offended Song.

Nailed it!

How To Fish Fry.

Tums under the pillow?


The Babylon Bee On Pride Month.

They say that good satire is based on reality. The normally satirical site “Babylon Bee” has come out with a new video:

In Honor Of Pride Month, Here Are The Babylon Bee’s Top 2 Genders

You have been warned. (Also, keep an eye on the “news scroll” at the bottom.)


So let’s see…..

We’ve been inside because of COVID. Haven’t been out as much. Haven’t been running around out in the sun as much.


This rings true.

courtesy: @ordinaryhaircut

The Windows Update Song.

To us, the music is annoying, but the sentiment is dead on.


You crack your thumbs, sit down, and run
Over the headphone cord
Drop heaps of crumbs of your sweet bun
Deep into my keyboard
And then you type with these
Fingers that are still not clean
I can live with dirty keys
But you let others touch my screen

Every day I watch you
Living the Adobe Suite life
Makes me want to
Office myself three sixty five
You take a break from working
Get up and leave so I’m
Releasing something that’s been lurking
It is payback time

Work Interview.

courtesy @_workchronicles

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