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Politicized Language: Speech Is Not Violence.

John Stossel nails this.

We Would Have, But Didn’t Want The FBI On Our Doorstep.

The other day we were perusing the internet when we came upon an Amazon deal that looked pretty cool.

Amazon was selling the 836 piece Lego model of the International Space Station on sale for $56.99 which was down from $69.99.

“Sweet!” we thought. “What a fun project to have with the kids in our house and for those of us who are kids at heart!”

(And besides, it is always good to do something together as a family and get people off of cell phones and computers.)

Fined For Parking On Her Own Property, Woman Wins First Round In Court.

Back in May of this year, we wrote about Sandy Martinez, a woman in the Florida City of Lantana who was facing over $165,000 in code enforcement fines – $100,000 of which was for parking on her own property.

Two of Sandy’s children are of employment age, and so along with her sister, there are 4 working people in the house who drive to work in separate cars. As one can imagine, the four cars make for an interesting parking situation.

Sometimes when they park, the cars may have had two wheels that are off of the driveway. There is no doubt that the car is mostly on the driveway, just one side of the wheels are off of paved surface.

Another Court Disagrees With The Brevard County School System And Government Demands That People Be “Nice.”

We have been covering the Brevard County School Board’s position on speech at public meetings since Board Chair Misty Belford stopped a speaker for using the term “liberal left,” during public comments at a Board meeting. At that same meeting, Belford stopped another speaker who claimed that she was called a “bitch” by some people. Bedford said she wouldn’t allow the term during the meeting.

We wrote an extensive post on how Belford was wrong and the Board’s policies where contrary to the First Amendment and established Supreme Court decisions.

We were somewhat surprised when we were forwarded a response from Board member Kayte Campbell which contained a response from the general counsel for the School Board.

Not only was the response a mess in that the Counsel tried to argue that speech that offended listeners was the same as actions (such as fighting) he cited a case from the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals that he characterized as saying one thing, but what was really said was contrary to his opinion and the Board policy.

Idiot Gets Banned From Ballparks For Life. It’s Not Enough.

This past Saturday, the Boston Red Sox were visiting their hated rivals, the New York Yankees.

After warming up in the bottom of the sixth inning, Boston left fielder Alex Verdugo tossed the ball he was warming up with into the stands toward a young kid in the stands.

We can only imagine how big the kid’s eyes must have gotten to see a major leaguer throwing a ball to him. It is the type of thing where kids will sleep with the ball, show their friends and family and anyone who will listen.

We’re Not Sure We See This Ending Well.

The Delray Beach Police Department is proudly touting their latest vehicle added to their fleet.

It’s an ice cream truck.

The idea sounds great.

This And That.

Sometimes we come across items that don’t warrant a full post. We don’t know what to do with them, but here are two that caught our eye that we will combine into one post:

April 30, 2016, Wayne Wright, also known as Quincy Green, was charged in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia with unlawful possession of a firearm.

As part of his pretrial release, Wayne was required to wear a GPS monitoring ankle bracelet. Such bracelets allow notifications to law enforcement when the person strays outside of an area they are supposed to stay in, such as their home. In this case, Wright was barred specifically from traveling to the 800 block of Chesapeake Street S.E. in the District of Columbia where Dana Hamilton lived.

However, Wright was not your typical criminal. For reasons we do not know and don’t matter, Wright had a prosthetic leg.

The Bird Cage.

courtesy @squigglylives

Rings true, doesn’t it?

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