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Christmas: John Denver And The Muppets – 12 Days Of Christmas.

Best version of the Twelve Days Of Christmas, evah.

You’ll never sing this song again with out singing “bah dum dum dum….”

The audio is not the best in this version taken from a Christmas special, so below is the album cut with much better audio.

Good Cops, Bad Cops, What the Heck Cops?

There it was.

In May 30, 2020, after the death of George Floyd, a white, unmarked van, rolled down the streets of Minneapolis firing weapons at random people.

When confronted by the shots, one Jaleel K. Stallings (seen above,) did what people might expect. He returned fire from his legally owned handgun.

The van stopped and the people in the van exited toward Stallings.

It is here the story goes off the rails in a big way.

The people in the van were police officers.

You read that right.

The police.

Ketchup Bottles Are “Offensive.”

We were hoping that this was sarcasm or a bad joke, but we can find no indication that it is.

Adrian Shann is upset with the ketchup served at Pizza Hut.

You read that right.

According to Hull Live, Adrian Shann, a man in Hull, England, recently confronted a horrifying ketchup bottle on his first-ever visit to Pizza Hut. He noticed that the barbecue sauce bottles on the table read “squeeze,” but the ketchup containers came labeled with the words “Shake, Squeeze, and Squirt.” Shann immediately felt taken aback by the ketchup and told Hull Live, “It literally sounds like an app for swingers. I do not understand how someone could put that sentence together, it’s awful.” The diner immediately filed a complaint with Pizza Hut.


McAuliffe Calls It “Diversity.” We Call It What It Is: Racism.

Today the people of Virginia are voting on a new governor.

The two candidates could not be more different.

Former governor and Democrat Terry McAuliffe has been out telling parents they should have no input into the education of their children. At the same time, he has said that CRT being taught in Virginia public schools is a “dog whistle” for parents and a false issue.

McAuliffe has called critical race theory a “racist dog whistle,” and claimed that it has never been taught in Virginia schools.

USPS Breaks All Barriers For Incompetence.

If you have been following our staffer’s saga on getting a USPS 2-3 day mail to its destination, you may have noticed that we jokingly said on Saturday that the mail moved and we attributed it to our original post.

Tracking shows the item was scheduled to go to a post office. Instead, the item went to a new “USPS facility” where it has sat for five days. That facility is literally 5 miles from the post office that is to deliver the letter / package to a destination that is 4 blocks away from that post office.

In short, the USPS can’t move a letter / package 5 miles in 5 days.

Today, he decided to call the USPS and see what was going on. They can’t tell you, but they would start a “case” on the issue.

Palm Bay American Legion Hosts Poker Run Tomorrow.

(click for larger version in a new tab)

Palm Bay American Legion Post 117 is hosting a “poker run” tomorrow, June 19th to benefit “3 Angels Balls For All,” which is an organization that provides athletic equipment to kids which is a good cause.

As we come out of our COVID induced isolation, these are the type of events that bring people together and let them reconnect.

This Is The PIT’s.

Nicole Harper was traveling along an Arkansas highway when she was “lit up” by Arkansas State trooper Rodney Dunn, who wanted to stop her for allegedly going 84 mph in a 70 mph stretch of highway.

Harper, who was pregnant, slowed down and put on her hazard lights. She indicated that she was going to stop and was looking for a safe place to stop.

Seems reasonable to us.

After all, who wants to stop on a dimly lit road by some car that you cannot see whether it is an official police car?

It is much safer for both officers and citizens to find a well lit area.

Arkansas State trooper Rodney Dunn disagreed.

New York Sings The National Anthem.

We have long said that those who sing the national anthem before sporting events forget that the song was originally a song sung by a group of people. It was meant to be sung by everyone, and not just some individual looking to show off their range and stylistic interpretation of the song.

Before last night’s New York Islander / Boston Bruin game, singer Nicole Raviv started the song, and then the crowd took over.

Ms. Raviv was smart enough and in touch with the people enough to lead the crowd rather than trying to sing the anthem so no one could sing with her.

Kudos to Ms. Raviv, and kudos to the crowd.

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