Clowns The Left…… Now Updated!

On Thursday, we wrote about the inflated kerfuffle happening in Satellite Beach. Near the end of a very long City Council meeting (the meeting was over 6 hours long and ran past midnight) Vice Mayor Scott Rhodes brought up an issue concerning the use of the city’s “Citizens On Patrol.” Rhodes had been given an picture of a city volunteer who in the picture was seen going to his car in the parking lot of a local WalMart. The volunteer was not in uniform. In that the city has budget problems, Rhodes asked if this was policy and emphasized the image that having a volunteer not in uniform gave gave a negative impression of the COP volunteers and the city.

Councilman French and Chief of Police Jeff Pearson said they had seen the picture as well.

After a short discussion, the resolution was to make sure the rules of using the car – specifically the need to be in the city’s uniform – were reinforced to city employees and volunteers.

That’s all.

End of discussion. A minor issue was resolved.

However, as we noted, some people can’t let such issues go. On Memorial Day, we received an email trying to agitate the situation. At the time, we did not identify the person sending the email as they are not a public figure.

That all changed on Saturday when the author of the email managed to have his thoughts published in the Florida Today newspaper.

Cronies of the new Satellite Beach City Council are employing a new tactic to intimidate those who oppose their sea-change agenda. This tactic involves having someone follow Citizens On Patrol (COP) vehicles and its volunteers and trying to photograph them in some kind of “gotcha” moment.

I recently viewed the May 16, 2012, Satellite Beach City Council meeting video and was disturbed by the allegations leveled by Councilman Scott Rhodes against a COP volunteer.

Rhodes stated he had seen a photo, and this was corroborated by Councilman Lloyd French, of a COP volunteer dressed in cutoff jeans buying paint, using a COP vehicle, at the local Wal-Mart. Rhodes produced no such photo.

If the actions of this volunteer are true, he should be disciplined and compensate the city for the use of the Citizens On Patrol vehicle. If, on the other hand, Rhodes is unable to produce an undoctored photo that justifies his vengeful allegations, he should apologize and then resign for his fabrications.

My money would be on there being no photo, no apology and no resignation, just business as usual for Councilman Rhodes.

The writer is a resident of Satellite Beach named David Omler.

The type of pettiness and vindictiveness over this issue is mind boggling.

While there are parts of Omler’s letter where he appears to be “reasonable” and “un-biased,” that perception is ripped away by the accusation of people being “cronies.” Notice also that Omler makes an unsubstantiated accusation that people are following the COP car in order get a “gotcha moment.” It seems odd to us – and by “odd” we mean “hypocritical” – when Omler is demanding accountability from everyone without holding himself to that same standard of accountability.

Once again, we are talking about an incident that cost at the most, $5.00. Five stinkin’ dollars. That’s 0.00000375% of the $16 million dollars or so of the debt the city is facing.

It makes one wonder where the priorities of people lie.

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