Critical Race Theory.

In three short videos, we are going to show what the so called “Critical Race Theory” that is being put forth in schools is about.

Then, we’ll talk a little about it.

First, what “Critical Race Theory,” (CRT) is:

Here a 15 year old explains to a deaf school board how CRT is presented, and how instead of uniting people of all races, it divides them:

This video is a a black father destroying CRT in front of another deaf school board:

People who support CRT claim that bans on it in schools mean that teachers cannot teach history such as that of the Civil War and slavery.

Of course, that is total hogwash.

CRT is at best, a distortion of history. CRT won’t offer that there were black slave owners. CRT won’t offer that slavers in Africa were in fact often blacks who captured other black and made them slaves. CRT won’t teach that during the Civil War, the vast majority of the north were fighting to preserve the union, and not to end slavery. In fact, the great draft riots in the North centered around the idea that people didn’t want to free the slaves, but wanted to maintain the Union. CRT won’t teach there were blacks fighting for the South in the Civil War.

In short, CRT won’t teach actual history, but will teach a version of history in a vain attempt to prove a viewpoint, rather than to examine the people, actions and morals of an era.

CRT boils “history” down to one race is bad, all other races are good. It shames people who have nothing to do with past into trying to be accountable for decisions others make.

It is a despicable theory and anyone who supports its teaching does not believe in equality.

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