Democrats – Protecting Unnecessary Racist Laws.

We would hope that every conservative reading this blog would agree that “Jim Crow laws” were an affront to what this country was founded upon, the result of the Civil War, and the 14th Amendment. Republicans, starting before the Civil War have long fought against racial inequities.

(For a deeper look into this rich history of Republicans fighting for equal rights, we suggest that you read our friend Steve Bussey’s article “A Conversation About Race,” as well as visit one of our favorite websites, “Grand Old Partisan,” where you can read daily a different fact about Republicans and race.)

In a practical sense, Federal law has made the Jim Crow laws moot. We no longer allow “white only” water fountains, or “blacks on” bathrooms. State sponsored and state mandated segregation needed to be ended and wiped from the law books of the land.

That sentiment was what drove Republicans in the Alabama Senate to propose legislation stripping Jim Crow laws from the Alabama Constitution. Even though the laws were no longer enforceable, they were still on the books.

State senators voted 22-9 Wednesday for a bill by Sen. Arthur Orr, R-Decatur, that would remove Jim Crow-era language that provides for poll taxes and segregated schools from the state’s 1901 constitution.

“I believe that this state can send a message that this language is no longer tolerated in our constitution,” Orr said.

Those opposed?

Black members of the Alabama Senate did not support a bill passed Wednesday to remove Jim Crow language from the Alabama Constitution, calling the legislation a “farce.”

The offensive language that would be removed includes a provision that says separate schools shall be provided for “white and colored children,” and that no child of either race shall attend the same school.

It would also remove references to Alabama’s “poll tax,” which was used to keep blacks from voting until passage of the 1965 federal Voting Rights Act.

(Rep. Phil Williams, R-Huntsville) said the references hurt the state’s image and can be used against Alabama when it’s recruiting against other states for economic development projects.

The opposition’s argument:

Black lawmakers opposed the bill, saying it didn’t go far enough because it failed to include language that constitutionally guaranteed a public education.

Rep. Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery, called the legislation a “feel good” bill for white lawmakers. “It was a con game on the black people of Alabama,” he added.

Rep. Dario Melton, D-Selma, called it a “sin problem.”

Let’s get this straight……

The black Democrats voted against removing the language not because it wasn’t offensive, but because the bill didn’t include a provision that required “equal funding” for schools.

In other words, the Democrats are happy to have Jim Crow laws on the books until someone pays to have them removed. And the people opening their checkbooks for the bribe? The people of the state of Alabama, of course.

This is the type of racism that drives people crazy. Republicans and conservatives continue to address racial issues while Democrats seem only interested in profiting from them.

Does that mean that Democrats aren’t interested in racial equality and are in fact racists themselves?

You betcha.

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