Flash Mob Goes Wrong.

If you’ve been following the site, since the day after Thanksgiving we have been posting daily a video that has a Christmas theme. Some have been normal videos and others have been “flash mob” videos. We like them all, some more than others, but we like ’em all.

However, flash mobs with the best intentions don’t always go well. Take for example some kids from Henley High School in Klamath Falls, Oregon who went caroling into a local WalMart.

Watch what happens:

Oh dear Lord, one of the managers kicked the kids out and threatened to call the police if they did not leave.

The media picked up the story and ran with it.

WATCH: Children caroling get kicked out of Klamath Falls Walmart

Parents tell NBC5 News that a group of students from Henley High School were caroling at the Klamath Falls Walmart Thursday night when they were asked to leave in a manner that frightened some of the kids.

A manager at the Klamath Falls Walmart declined to comment. We are told however, that the students were not invited to be there and the singing was on private property.

According to another parent, who recorded the above video, the children left the Walmart and headed to Fred Meyer where they say they were welcomed and allowed to sing.

Clearly WalMart is staffed by a bunch of Scrooges and anti-Christmas managers.

Well, not really. As often is the case, there is more to the story.

It seems that as the kids were singing, the store issued a “Code Adam.”

Code Adam is a strictly defined procedure for employees to follow when someone reports a lost or missing child. The program was originally created by Wal-Mart Stores in cooperation with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in 1994 and has since been implemented by many other stores and facilities throughout the United States.

Employees could not hear the PA announcements because of the volume of the kids singing. So instead of arguing with people, the manager essentially told the kids to leave or else they would call the police. The manager was also unaware that the visit by the kids was planned by the school and approved by the store management.

In summary, the kids got caught between a store manager who didn’t have all the facts and somehow had lacked the proper communications, and the panic of a missing child in the store.

It happens. No one is perfect and during this time of year, you would think that people would understand. Alas, that is not the case. Comments on websites have called for boycotting WalMart. People who think WalMart was wrong are showing their “peace on earth and goodwill toward men” by calling WalMart and their employees every name in the book.

The WalMArt store reached out and apologized to the school and the students and invited them back to sing.

What we find interesting is in the report seen above by television station KOBI Channel 5 there is a young student who says “it’s not going to keep us from going to WalMart ever again. It was just a little accident.”

So in an incident where there was some miscommunication about kids being able to spread Christmas cheer, it is the kids – not the adults – who truly have the Christmas spirit.

In addition to being a great sounding choir, for their understanding, the kids of Henley High School win the internet for today and we wish them a Merry Christmas.

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