Freedom’s Safest Place | My Story.

Right off the bat we want to say that this is an ad from the National Rifle Association (NRA.) We are not members of the NRA but support them in their programs for safe, legal gun ownership as well as support them in their fight against the creeping of forces looking to end the right of people to defend themselves, their loved ones and their property.

I was born in Greece in 1939.
Nazi war planes bombed us unmercifully.
Executions in the streets were common.
I saw horror you could never imagine.
Human beings became animals, starving and desperate.
But me, I was lucky.
Soon after the war, I saw the Statue of Liberty, and I cried.
I’ve been blessed by the freedom and opportunity only America can offer.
Today, I feel a duty to speak out.
There will always be evil in this world.
But the one thing that separates America from every other country … is our freedom.
And the one freedom that protects all the others … is our Second Amendment.
Never give it up. Never.
I am the National Rifle Association of America.
And I am freedom’s safest place.

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