Hobby Lobby.

There has been much written about the Hobby Lobby ruling a few days ago from the Supreme Court.

So much has been written about the decision that we don’t feel the need to rehash it.

Instead, what we will bring forward is the curious reaction of the administration.

After the decision was announced, the White House tweeted this:

WH Tweet

Back when the Affordable Care Act was passed, President Obama and his administration repeatedly said the law was settled, and people needed to move on.

Now that the Hobby Lobby case has gone against the administration, the White House launches a campaign against the now settled law. We understand that winners are always going to say “move on” and losers are going to say “we need to change this!” That is the nature of the beast. However, there is something dishonest about the idea that “women – not their bosses – should make their health care decisions.”

The bosses aren’t making decisions for women: women are. Bosses are not denying women health care. No owner of a company is saying that a woman can not obtain contraceptives.

The question is not who is making health care decisions, but rather who is paying for those decisions.

People on the left, including the President, like to say that businesses, bosses and owners of businesses should stay out of the bedroom. We don’t take great issue with that except it was not the businesses that wanted in the bedroom.

It was those who passed Obamacare. It was the president and the Congress who dragged businesses into the bedroom demanding they pay for what happens in the bedroom. Now that the businesses’ money is there, people want them to shut up and just cut a check.

Sean Davis summed this idea up with this Tweet:

Sean Davis tweet

It is amusing to watch Obama and the administration try to blame others for the consequences of their actions.

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