Homophobic? Rape Blaming? Freedom Hating? Us?

EDITOR’S NOTE: We really struggled with whether to write about this topic. We couldn’t decide whether to talk about this would be “feeding the trolls” or not. In the end, we decided to run this response simply because the accusations made against us are so outlandish, so over the top, so untrue and so ridiculous that we thought we needed to address them. In addition, we had received comments from people asking if we were going to address these hypocritical, dishonest, anti-freedom, anti-intellectual, hackneyed dullards. We decided not to run away.

Two people by the name of Cheryl Wright and William Wright have launched an attack on us and by association, Thomas Gaume who is running for City Council in Palm Bay against Calvin “Tres” Holton and Kenneth Brian Johnson II.

Our “crime?”

These two “people” think that we are homophobic and that we blame rape victims for being raped.

Yes. Really. L’il ol’ us.

They even took the time to write on Facebook that we should be banned and the way to get that done was to report us to Facebook. (Gaume is being attacked because he links to us sometimes on his blog and Facebook page.)

Here’s the Wrights’ post:

William Wright copied the same post and shared it.

Interestingly, both people are friends with Tres Holton. You may draw your own conclusions from that connection.

Lacking any substantial argument with what we have posted on any issue – even those concerning Palm Bay – these people have decided to smear us simply because of things we say on our our “Who We Are” page. For example, we make this statement:

We are against homosexuality in that we see it as a sin. That does not mean that we believe it is a sin greater than any other sin. But a sin is a sin is a sin. To some, that means that we are homophobic. (Actually, some of us are theophobic, but that is a story for another day.)

Somehow, that makes us “homophobic, (just as we predicted.)

People throw the term “homophobic” around in debates just like the do the term “racist” mostly because they cannot debate anything with facts and want to shut the discussion down. They also do it because they themselves are ignorant of the what “homophobic” means.

According to theMerriam Webster Dictionary, the term is defined as:

irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals

Collins Dictionary has a similar definition:

Homophobic means involving or related to a strong and unreasonable dislike of gay people, especially gay men.

We challenge these two etymological ignorant people to find any post on this blog where we have displayed an “irrational fear, aversion to, or discrimination against” a gay person. In fact, we challenge anyone to find a post where we have called a gay person a name, attributed any discriminatory trait to them, or said an unkind word about people who are gay in any way shape or form.

Somewhere in this world there is a tree whose purpose is to replace the oxygen the Wrights waste. They need to find that tree and apologize.

You won’t find a single post because there aren’t any. That means that the Wrights are liars.

And for the record, one of our writers here at Raised on Hoecakes is gay. Does anyone really think our writers are stupid enough to hang around where there is homophobia? Or racism? Or misogyny?

We are not saying “we aren’t homophobic because we have gay friends,” (and we do,) but we can say for certain that our gay staff writer takes great umbrage of someone who doesn’t even know them labeling them as being “homophobic.”

(“Umbrage” is being polite. As a staff, we asked our gay staffer to retract their statements and contribution to this part of the post because the anger in their writings was palpable and far beyond what you have read and will read in this post. Saying a homosexual is homophobic is a great insult and while we understand the Wrights are trying to be insulting while being ignorant, we won’t go down some paths and this is one of them. We’ll stand by our friend and if the Wrights want to insult them, that goes to show their lack or morals and lack of acceptance and not ours. We will defend us and our friend against the unwarranted and detestable attacks the Wrights have initiated.)

Kind of blows a hole in the charge that we are “homophobic,” doesn’t it?

The stupidity here is the Wrights are missing the fact that our stance on homosexuality is based on the religious beliefs of most of the staff. In their irrational hatred of what we have posted and their zeal to make false statements about us, they have revealed themselves to be religious bigots who are intolerant of any religious view (except in one area that we discuss below.)

Isn’t religious intolerance “hate speech?” Perhaps people should report Wright’s page as a hate page promoting religious intolerance. The irony would be delicious.

We also want to note that Cheryl Wright’s “publishing company” sells a book on the Islamic holiday of Ramadan seen through the eyes of an autistic child. (We would give the name of the book, but someone might buy a single copy and double its sales.) However, Islam is against homosexuality (to say the least.) We find it amazing and hypocritical of Wright to sell a book based on a religion that is far more condemning of homosexuality than we here at Raised on Hoecakes would ever be. We say “love the sinner, hate the sin” (and we all are sinners.) It appears to us and our opinion is that while Wright wants to rail against our religious based beliefs, she is perfectly willing to make money off of a religion which actually prosecutes and persecutes homosexuals. We think this shows a lack of consistency in her morals and certainly a lack of understanding of the topic. That’s what happens when your so called “moral affront” against us is fine as she is making money from supporting a truly homophobic religion. Once again, we see the hypocrisy between Wright’s faux outrage at us and the greed in her pocketbook.

In another insipid rambling, Wright also takes offense at this from our “Who We Are” page:

For the most part, we are against abortion in almost all cases other than rape and incest. Even then we have trouble with thinking that a life – no matter under what circumstances they were conceived – is worthless. To some, that means that we are anti-woman and heartless to the plight of people that cannot keep their clothes on.

She claims that statement means we are “rape blaming.” Nothing could be further from the truth. We can’t even figure out how she got to there from our statement other than demonstrating a lack or reading skills. This is just another case of a falsehood combined with her lack of critical thinking and logic.

You won’t find a single post here that blames a rape victim for the crime that befell them. Not once. In fact, we have had one post from 2011 dealing with a rape in Baltimore by the “Occupy Wall Street” group. A spokesperson for the group said that instead of calling the police and having the rapist(s) arrested, the victim could seek alternative forms of help including counseling for her attacker. We labeled that silliness as “enabling” of the rapists and not enough punishment. Apparently Wright wasn’t good enough and smart enough to do a simple search of the site for posts on rape and would rather just roll with her own wrongful assumptions. (For the record, one of our writers spent years volunteering at a place for sexually abused teens. We have a decent grasp on the evil that is rape and what victims go through.) Apparently the Wrights would rather try and make accusations than deal with reality.

Perhaps she is talking about our statement about “keeping clothes on.” Fine. We’ll address that as well.

The three top reasons women get an abortion are:

– negative impact on the mother’s life
– financial instability
– relationship problems /unwillingness to be a single mother

In other words, we believe that if one is unwilling to have children, that should be a factor before taking one’s clothes off and engaging in the act that can result in a pregnancy. There are many acceptable means of birth control available to men and women. There is no need to use abortion as a birth control method. We view life beginning at conception (which is supported by science) and we disagree with the taking of an innocent life. Feel free to disagree with us on this point. We are sure that many will and that is okay with us. However, our disagreement is not “rape blaming” by any stretch of the words unless you are deliberately trying to be dishonest as the Wrights are.

(Our stance on abortion after incest and rape is flexible and unsettled especially after hearing Rebecca Kiessling and others like her who were conceived during a rape. We have difficulty in looking at people and saying “you should have been aborted because of the violence your mother endured.” To us, the situation is complicated to say the least.)

In what is a clearly another example of a lack reading comprehension and hatred, Wright takes issue with this statement for reasons she never gives:

We are conservatives with some libertarian leanings. To some, this means that we are a heartless bastards who don’t understand that people need to be told what are the best decisions for them.

We cannot figure out why the Wrights think this is a horrible sentiment. We believe that people should be free to make their own decisions that are in their best interests for which they are willing to accept the consequences and that do not harm others. The country was founded on that basic principle.

It appears that on some level, the Wrights are “anti-freedom” in living life just as much as they are “anti-intellectual” when it comes to discussions. After all, it appears they would rather sling mud and make unsubstantiated claims than engage in actual debate or make comments that are factually based. (For the record, we have not received anything from these two people. Not a word. If you are going to make claims like this, have to guts to stop by and talk.)

(In point of fact, the “Who We Are” page contains this statement:

With that in mind, if you have questions about us, feel free to ask.

The Wrights couldn’t even follow that simple request as they would rather show their ignorance and empty caverns between their ears than do the right, moral, and socially acceptable thing of simply asking for clarification of something. It was much easier for them to lie and try to label us as something that we are not. Too bad people are seeing through their intellectual dishonesty and moral turpitude.

The Wrights are “anti-freedom” in that they want to shut down a blog or a Facebook page with which they disagree. Somehow we don’t think they get the idea that when we say that people don’t “need to be told what is the best decisions for them,” they are exhibiting that exact thing we are talking about – that everyone has to think exactly like they do. If they don’t, the Wrights think that those people should not have a voice in a public forum. “Tolerance” in the world of the Wrights is more like George Orville’s 1984 where due to “doublespeak,” words meant the exact opposite. In this case, the Orwellian Wrights believe their intolerance is actually “tolerance.”

(The Wright’s posting is similar in intellectual depth to a woman who once accused us of running a blog that was misogynistic because she thought the name “Raised on Hoecakes” had something to do with prostitution and women.)

The Wrights label us as a “Hate Group,” and this may be where they get one right.

We are a “hate group” in that as a group, we hate corruption in politics. We “hate” those who lie like the Wrights have done. We hate discrimination in any form. We “hate” those who show no depth in intellectual ideas other than throwing sticks and stones. We “hate” bigotry in all its forms, including the religious bigotry that the Wrights themselves are guilty of. We “hate” those who demand “tolerance” from people but are intolerant of different views.

If you want to call us a “hate group” for holding those beliefs, so be it.

We won’t back down from the things we hate, no matter what lies and intellectually and morally dishonest things they want to ascribe to us.

EDITORS’ NOTE: We apologize to our regular readers in that we normally don’t get that personal with people and their opinions. However, in this case, we aren’t going to let these unscrupulous mental gnats (nor the man behind the curtain) use us as a punching bag. They pushed a button and we are reacting not because we like to, but because we feel called to fight their evil with the truth. When posts that are devoid of common decency and factual basis are aimed at us, we are going to punch back.

3 Responses to “Homophobic? Rape Blaming? Freedom Hating? Us?”

  1. Hometown says:


    You guys do a great job of presenting the facts to your readers and furthering discussions on issues important to us in our daily lives.

    Keep up the good work.

    Unfortunately, there are those who don’t want the facts/open discussion and would rather just start name calling anyone they don’t agree with. As an optimist I hope that one day these folks will take the time to really look at the facts/data and update their opinions. Until then, I will continue to use raised on hoecakes as a great source of information (that can’t be found anywhere else) and discussions on important issues. Your site provides a great service to our community. Many thanks.

  2. Joe Friday says:

    Calvin must really be butt-hurt (metaphorically not literally) to have his minion go after ROH like this. Calvin has shown by intellect and temperament to be the least qualified candidate for the office of city council. Palm Bay can, this election, correct the mistake made four years ago.

  3. Katie says:

    As a woman, I am fed up and embarrassed with the antics of histrionic females. This woman is a life skills counselor according to her Facebook profile and that’s pretty scary.
    The points by ROH concerning Islam and homosexuality are well-stated facts, yet I can’t recall one instance where Islam has ever been denounced by the always-offended collective. Homosexuals are thrown off buildings in Islamic nations and then stoned or burned if they are still alive. The always-offended just ignore it and the reason is because they are bigoted toward Christians and they need safe spaces because of (oh, the horror!)…words. They oppose every.single.tenet. of Christianity while lauding themselves as loving and tolerant (doublespeak) and embracing anti-American ideologies such as Islam and Marxism, who also hate Christianity.
    I remember when when women were, for the most part, treated with respect BECAUSE they were women, not because they wore silly pink hats, used vulgar language and bashed men into subservience.
    I’m sick of collective group think and political correctness. The people who try to shut down free speech by labeling others are very weak-minded, insecure individuals.