In California, Police Carry A Handgun That Citizens Cannot Purchase Because It Is “Dangerous.” Figure That One Out.

It starts out so innocently:

Los Angeles Police Department “LAPD” Selects FN 509 MRD-LE as New Duty Pistol
FN Awarded 5-Year Agency Contract for FN 509 MRD-LE

(McLean, VA – August 10, 2021) Following a highly competitive and rigorous qualification, FN America, LLC is pleased to announce that the FN 509 MRD-LE has been chosen by the Los Angeles Police Department as their new duty pistol. The FN 509 is a capable and versatile handgun platform that delivers rapid, precision fire in any environment. Officers training on marksmanship, tactical maneuvers and precision target engagements now have a more accurate and reliable sidearm, proven by the LAPD to perform with a wide variety of duty-rated handgun optics and ammunition.


During the LAPD handgun trials, FN competed against several contenders in a 20,000-round-count endurance qualification, which it surpassed with zero malfunctions. “Exceeding all of the requirements LAPD sought in their new duty pistol was a high-performance standard to meet,” said Chris Cole, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at FN America, LLC. “With over a million rounds fired in development, the FN 509’s reputation for durability is proven here again giving LAPD officers a superior handgun they can depend on in the most demanding policing environments.”

Great. The LAPD is getting new handguns for their officers that are light, accurate and durable.

One problem:

If you are a citizen of California, you can’t purchase this gun or the platform on which it is based.

This is because the State of California has declared the gun to be “dangerous.”

The reason it is dangerous is not that it blows up in users hands – it doesn’t. It is not that it falls apart – it doesn’t. It is not that it is accurate – it is.

Lightweight, accurate, durable means the perfect self-defense gun for your home.

But Californians can’t buy it.

The reason may have to do with “micro-stamping” which is a process where the firing pin it engraved with a pattern so that a shell can be traced back to the gun. It is extremely expensive and of dubious value.

Unless guns meet requirements that have nothing do with safety and yet cost a boatload of cash to implement, California says a gun is “unsafe” and consumers cannot purchase it.

Yet the LAPD can – and their weapons won’t meet the standards for guns that are being forced on citizens.

Colion Noir explains more:

Think about this for a moment.

There are but two conclusions to garner from this:
1) The LAPD is buying “unsafe” weapons.
2) Average citizens are not allowed the same protection from a firearm that the police enjoy.

Either way, it doesn’t make sense.

Noir claims that requirements in the name of “safe guns” have nothing to do with actual safety, and more with making a defacto ban on weapons that people can use to defend themselves.

He’s right.

In the Supreme Court Heller decision, the Court ruled that citizens were allowed the same types of weapons used in the military. Yet in California, citizens are not allowed the same weapon that the police use.

Someone has to explain that to us.

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