Inauguration Day.

Today, Joe Biden will be sworn in as president along with Kamala Harris as vice president.

Ahead of the inauguration, there have been violent protests and destruction of property:

Six police officers suffered minor injuries when protesters flung bricks, trash cans and other objects, and ignited small fires, [Metro Police Chief] said.

Four businesses were vandalized and sustained “significant damage,” he said. Also, demonstrators torched a limousine, police at the scene said.

All of the 217 people arrested on Friday were charged with rioting, Newsham said. And in some cases cops used flash-bang grenades and pepper spray to keep them from getting closer to the parade route.

In response, the National Guard is supplying 25,000 troops to Washington, DC. The troops are being quartered in hotels, at a local armory, and at the convention center.

You probably haven’t heard about the destruction and rioting we mention above because it happened during the Trump inauguration.

It may be right to be concerned about violence today, but once again, the violence was condoned during the protests and riots this past summer, and during the last inauguration.

The hypocrisy is astounding.

With the District of Columbia and other state capitals being cordoned off and guarded by military presence (and here we thought that walls don’t work) there are those on the left that are calling into question the integrity of the members of the National Guard:

These attacks have Texas Governor Abbott so angry that he is considering never authorizing Texas National Guard troops for this type of thing ever again.

When you disparage the integrity of large swaths of the military, you’ve crossed a line from which there is no return without serious backtracking, apologies and groveling.

The crowd storms the White House.

In 1829, the inauguration of Andrew Jackson caused quite a commotion in the US Capital.

The amount of damage caused by those opposed to Jackson and those supporting Jackson has always been in dispute. That there was damage is not disputed.

According to Washington socialite Margaret Bayard Smith:

“But what a scene did we witness! The Majesty of the People had disappeared, and a rabble, a mob,

of boys, negros [sic], women, children, scrambling fighting, romping. What a pity what a pity! No arrangements had been made no police officers placed on duty and the whole house had been inundated by the rabble mob. We came too late.

The President, after having been literally nearly pressed to death and almost suffocated and torn to pieces by the people in their eagerness to shake hands with Old Hickory, had retreated through the back way or south front and had escaped to his lodgings at Gadsby’s.

Cut glass and china to the amount of several thousand dollars had been broken in the struggle to get the refreshments, punch and other articles had been carried out in tubs and buckets, but had it been in hogsheads it would have been insufficient, ice-creams, and cake and lemonade, for 20,000 people, for it is said that number were there, tho’ I think the number exaggerated.

Ladies fainted, men were seen with bloody noses and such a scene of confusion took place as is impossible to describe, – those who got in could not get out by the door again, but had to scramble out of windows. At one time, the President who had retreated and retreated until he was pressed against the wall, could only be secured by a number of gentleman forming around him and making a kind of barrier of their own bodies, and the pressure was so great that Col. Bomford who was one said that at one time he was afraid they should have been pushed down, or on the President. It was then the windows were thrown open, and the torrent found an outlet, which otherwise might have proved fatal.

This concourse had not been anticipated and therefore not provided against. Ladies and gentlemen, only had been expected at this Levee, not the people en masse. But it was the People’s day, and the People’s President and the People would rule.”

No one knows the punch that was served by the White House waiters that day, but the Wall Street Journal looked through 19th century cookbooks and came up with this recipe for “Inauguration Punch:”

3 parts fresh orange juice
1 part fresh lemon juice
1 part Mulled Orange Syrup*
1 part dark rum
1 part cognac
2 parts soda water

Mulled Orange Syrup: Combine 1 cup sugar with 1 cup water and heat to a boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Reduce heat to a low simmer. Add the peel from an orange and mulling spices (a couple of cinnamon sticks, some whole cloves and allspice berries). After 15 minutes, remove from heat and let it sit for several hours. Strain.

Combine Mulled Orange Syrup and all other ingredients in a punch bowl with a large block of ice. Serve in punch cups with a little crushed ice. Add a dash of Angostura bitters to each glass and enjoy!

So there ya go!

Nothing like “celebrating” the inauguration of Joe Biden by getting drunk, hoping that this is all a nightmare.

We suspect it will be the first of many times in the next four years.

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