Join Us Today On The Radio!

It’s Saturday, which means another chance to listen to the Steve Bussey Radio Experience on WMEL, AM 1300 on Florida’s Space Coast. If you’re not in the area, you can catch the show on the internet, or even one of those new fangled smart phones. No matter what, if you aren’t listening between 2 PM and 4 PM EDT you are going to miss a lot.

We have tee’d up two candidates running for the State of Florida District 18 Office of Public Defender. Both Ken Rhoden and Blaise Trettis will be taking your questions on the office of Public Defender and the challenges ahead.

We won’t be ignoring the national news either. We will be talking about the mortar shot fired by the State of Florida back at the Department of Justice over the DOJ’s letter demanding Florida stop purging voter rolls of some 180,000 dead people. We will update the Zimmerman case. The Brett Kimberlin issue ticked upwards this week when a US Senator asked the DOJ investigate. This has the dual effect of potentially stopping Kimberlin as well as a litmus test of whether the DOJ is truly interested in protecting the rights of all Americans. We have the dismal week for the Democrats, and the press conference Obama held on Friday which is void of reason, facts and intelligent thought.

Of course, we will be taking your calls at (321) 631-1300 so give us a call and add your voice to the conversation.

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