Killing Lincoln Review – An Update Where We Hear From the Publisher and Take Note of Dishonest, Idiotic PaulBots.

Following our review of the book Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever, we received an email from Esther Bochner, a Senior Publicist at Macmillan Audio.

Just for kicks, we Googled “Esther Bochner” to make sure the email wasn’t a hoax. It doesn’t appear to be so. According to LinkedIn, Ms. Bochner does indeed work for Macmillan Publishing. She is a 2008 graduate of the Johns Hopkins University with a BA in English and Political Science. (It caught us off guard that the qualifications for being a publicist were being an English and Poli-Sci major instead of Advertising, but you learn something new everyday.)

We also went searching for how she found our little review and were surprised to find that we were on the third page of Google. (We are sure by the time you read this we will be much lower in the search results.)

Here is the email Ms. Bochner sent us:


I saw your great review of KILLING LINCOLN and I wanted to make sure that you are aware that the book is also available as an audiobook from Macmillan Audio, read by O’Reilly himself! I’d love to offer you a clip from the audiobook to post on your site alongside the review as multimedia content. Let me know if we can make that work!



In our experience, when something represented by a company is given less than a good review, seldom does the company refer to that review as “great.”

To refresh your memory, this is what we wrote as a conclusion to our review of the book:

Overall, in the crowded diversity of books on every aspect of the life of Abraham Lincoln, Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever leaves much to be desired. It is not the worst book on Lincoln to ever be written, but it certainly far from the best.

Out of 5 possible stars, we give it two stars.

Our recommendation is to pass on Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever and spend your time and money on either The Day Lincoln was Shot, Blood on the Moon: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln or The Trial: The Assassination of President Lincoln and the Trial of the Conspirators. Any one of the three will ultimately be more satisfying, more enjoyable and more educational.

Hardly a glowing review. Honest? Yes. Great for the book? Not so much.

This leads to the only conclusion that Ms. Bochner did not, in fact, read our review. She only found the search results and used a form letter email to us. Her goal was to get us to advertise the audio version of the book. As we had given a link for purchasing the book in our review, we don’t have a problem with mentioning the book is available in an audio format.

What we object to is the dishonest way in which Ms. Bochner approached us. We are disappointed in the transparently dishonest way in which she represented herself and by extension, Macmillan Publishing and the book.

To us, this is another case of a company not listening to what people say or write about them. Ms. Bochner’s email is a form of horrible customer service in that she wants us as a customer, but has not actually read or listened to us.

As for her offer to put a portion of the audiobook “read by O’Reilly himself!” as a part of our posts ……

Thanks, but no thanks.

While we were doing the research for this post, we came across something that is indicative of why the supporters of Ron Paul are called “PaulBots.”

Monday Nov. 7th – Bill O’Reilly held a quasi presidential forum which included an online voting poll. Mr. O’Reilly does not like Presidential candidate Ron Paul and has consistently attacked Dr. Paul with shallow ad hominem. During the Paul portion O’Reilly introduces Congressman Paul as ‘flamboyant’ and then poses the question ‘would you support a declaration of war against the terrorists?’ Paul replied ‘I introduced the Letters of Marque and Reprisal’. Mr. O’Reilly showed his ignorance of the constitutional measure for dealing with terrorist groups when continuing to push Dr. Paul on the subject.

After interviewing all of the candidates O’Reilly’s voting polls were conducted and Ron Paul won by a landslide but was disqualified since his supporters ‘slammed’ the polls. Then Bill told his audience ‘there’s not a chance in the world that he will be nominated for the Republican run at President Obama’.

According to O’Reilly slamming the poll means they (Paul supporters) put out an internet warning telling everyone to vote for Ron Paul in the polls and they didn’t even listen to the interview. Apparently Bill O’Reilly has the technology to know who is listening to all the radio stations across the country and penalized Dr. Paul because his supporters are organized by communicating about this event and the voting opportunity.

A firestorm has ensued on the internet which may cause blowback for Bill O’Reilly and his sponsors. 100’s if not 1000’s of people have commented in favor on Ron Paul on the official O’Reilly Facebook Fan Page.

So what did these believers of truth and freedom do?

They slam the reviews of O’Reilly’s book at

Amazon Reviews for Bill O’Reilly’s books may also take a serious downturn as a result with 11 YES ELEVEN pages just today almost all with only 1 star. One Paul supporter suggested ‘Have you given Bill’s new book a good review yet?’

Here is a link to his Amazon reviews:

Amazon Blowback Update 3:15 pm Eastern there are over 100 one star rating reviews from today Nov. 8th 2011 screen shot here:

Amazon Blowback Update 9:45 am Eastern Nov. 9, 2011 we have been covering this story of a spontaneous backlash to Bill O’Reilly’s attack on Ron Paul – the reviews have been flooding his book on Amazon to the tune of 460 1 star rated reviews in just 24 hours that 46 pages O’Reilly has not commented on this blowback effect other than to say Ron Paul Supporters are ‘Almost a Cult’ watch here:

How will O’Reilly respond to the the continued ‘slamming’ by Paul supporters?

So let’s see…..

O’Reilly has a poll on the Republican Presidential contenders. The PaulBots organize and slam the poll, skewing the results. O’Reilly or his staff notices what has happened, and voids the votes from the PaulBots. The PaulBots, in a demonstration of truth and the libertarian philosophy of leaving people alone, decide to slam Amazon with negative reviews of Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever in retaliation.

Even if Paul’s followers thought what O’Reilly did was wrong and dishonest, his actions do not give the Paulbots the moral justification to lie about O’Reilly’s book on Amazon.

We are sure the Paulbots will see their actions as warranted, but they are not.

They are simply vengeful and add to the negative stereotype of a PaulBot.

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