Let’s Have A Skit On Ferguson!

Death-In-Ferguson-ROHAn unnamed sixth grade teacher in Selma, Alabama’s Brantley Elementary School got the bright idea that as a part of the class’ discussion on current events, they would talk about the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Jessica Baughn, mother of an 11 year old in the class, posted the story on Facebook after her son seemed upset when he came home that day.

[Jimmy] Griffin, a sixth-grader at Brantley Elementary School in Selma, told his mother the teacher asked his class to research and re-enact the shooting that took place in Ferguson, Mo. earlier this month, as well as the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida nearly two years ago.


Baughn posted what happened on the Sound Off Selma Facebook group, which has brought media attention to the situation. It received nearly 200 “shares” and more than 240 “likes.”

The post said white students were asked to play the roles of police officers, and black played the roles of Martin and Brown. They also had to research where

the men were shot, and how many times, Baughn said in the post.

Baughn’s son also told her that the teacher, who is black, told students that black children can’t walk in their own neighborhoods without being shot by white people.

We cannot imagine why any teacher would think that with the situation so fluid and so many facts unknown in the death of Michael Brown that re-inacting the event would be a good idea. After all, we don’t know precisely what happened in the shooting to begin with.

On top of that, to make a statement that “black children can’t walk in their own neighborhoods without being shot by white people” sets the class up for a divide along racial lines. What kind of message is this teacher trying to send to their students? That some kids in the class have to worry about being shot by the others?

What a great message that is.

The idiocy doesn’t stop there.

Schools are notorious for having “zero tolerance” towards weapons and even depictions of weapons. Toy guns have gotten kids expelled. A Pop-Tart in the shape of a gun got a kid suspended. Last year students in Washington were suspended for using Nerf guns in a science class after being directed to use them by the teacher. Just this week, a kid was suspended in an incident where for an assignment, he wrote that he had “killed a neighbor’s dinosaur.” The police were called, the kid’s locker and bags were searched and the kid was eventually suspended.

So what happened in the “skit” in Selma?

According to Baughn, the teacher asked his charges to construct fake paper guns. For bullets, he had his charges use little wads of paper. Baughn’s son, a white kid named Jimmy Griffin, was the shooter in the skit.

Just another case of the rules being applied to those who don’t make them. If kids are suspended for “weapons” under “zero tolerance” policies, why wasn’t the teacher suspended under that same policy?

Instead, the teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave while the school investigates the skit.

In short, we have a teacher who thought that a racially charged “skit,” using props that are contrary to school policy while making outlandish racial statements about kids in their class was a good idea.

And we wonder why there are so many failing schools and kids in the educational system.

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