Man Given Parking Ticket While Installing Parking Signs.

Common-Sense-Parking-Sign-ROHDan Greding and his company Precision Striping were hired by the city of Santa Barbara, California, to install new “No Parking” signs in an area where redevelopment and improvements had been made.

The first three signs allowing 75 minutes of parking were installed without problems, but the 4th sign took longer because Greding had to drill into concrete, set a pole, fill that with concrete and wait for it to dry. As he was finishing the job, he noticed that a Parking Enforcement Officer from the City was writing a ticket – specifically a ticket for Greding’s work truck.

I didn’t know what to say. I was dumbfounded,” said Greding. “I said ‘but I ‘m putting these signs up’ and he (the officer) says, ‘then you should know you can’t park here more than 75 minutes.’ I said, ‘well I haven’t put the sign up yet, so you can’t write me a ticket’ and he said ‘yea but the signs down there say – this block – so you’re in violation.”

[Greding] recalls the officer referring to the posted time limit on the other signs within the same block, and Greding said, “I just put those up 20 minutes ago!”

Greding admits that he had probably been on the site about 90 minutes, but if the other signs were only put up 20 minutes prior to the ticket being written, Greden was still well within the 75 minute period from when the signs were installed.

We could understand a ticket if Greding had parked on the street, put up the signs, gone to a deli and was eating lunch or something along those lines. Yet he wasn’t. He was doing the work for which the City had contracted him.

Such a lack of common sense from the parking officer is astounding.

What is even more astounding is that when he appealed the ticker, the appeal was denied.

He appealed the ticket, issued in February, and lost. He is asking for an administrative panel review, as his last chance. To do so however, he has to pay the $48. fine up front. A decision should come this month. Greding said he will update NewsChannel 3 with the ruling.

It should be noted that his appeal was made to the Parking Division of the Santa Barbara Police Department – the same people that issued the ticket to begin with.

It seems clear that the Parking Division of the Santa Barbara Police Department has lost all common sense. Furthermore, it seems that they believe that a vehicle cannot violate the black letter of the law when it comes to parking violations.

Of course, they won’t ticket themselves when they double park to write a citation or ticket themselves when they leave their engines running while out of their unattended vehicle.

After all, they are just doing their City funded job and the law only applies to other people who are doing their job and being paid by the City.

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