Mascot Gets Ejected.

Devon Booker is a NBA player for the Phoenix Suns. He played collegiate ball at the University of Kentucky, where the fans are rabid rooting for the team just as fans on the road rood against Kentucky.

It was therefore somewhat of a surprise the other day when after shooting a free throw, Booker demanded that the referees move the mascot for the Toronto Raptors.

As he is shooting the first free throw, the Raptor mascot jumps up in the air to distract Booker’s shot. It is a tactic that has been going on for as long as people have been playing sports.

Perhaps what made the distraction more noticeable is the fact that due to COVID restrictions, games being played in Canada are being played with no fans. So instead of thousands of fans trying to distract Booker, there is one red dinosaur mascot.

(We love the giant bouncy raptor seen below.)

NBA players are notorious for trash talking with each other, and Booker can’t handle a mascot jumping?

Dude, get a life.

It’s not like the mascot was yelling profane things about Booker or his family (which is not right no matter how you look at it.)

We blame Booker for this and we also blame the referee who should have just handed the ball to Booker for the next free throw.

What is the world of professional sports coming too when a mascot is moved or removed for trying to distract a player?

ESPN says that Booker and the mascot “hashed it out.”

The Toronto Raptors disagree:

“Benny the Bull,” the mascot of the Chicago Bulls took a swipe at Booker as well:

We suspect that the NBA will now come out with some “guidance” for mascots and teams, which is just as ridiculous as Booker complaining.

After all, if Booker can’t put a round ball into a round hoop while making a guaranteed $158,253,000 over the course of 5 years, and some guy in a Raptor mascot suit making $100 a game distracts and or bothers him, Booker is in the wrong profession.

And just for fun, we offer this in the way of “distractions” at basketball games:

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