“My Job Is To Shut Other White People Down When They Say They Aren’t Prejudiced.”

This may be the most stunning video we have seen in a long time.

Apparently, Sally Boynton Brown, who is running for the DNC Chairperson position, thinks that all while people are prejudiced – even Democrats.

Instead of actually trying to engage in a debate or a discussion, Boynton Brown says her job is to shut dissenting voices down when they disagree with her.

It is hard to argue with the mindset of “we want to have a conversation which means you have to shut up and listen.”

Years ago when the Palestinians and the Israelis were really going at in battles, we were part of a faction that believed there are people who don’t want peace in the Mid-East. There are people who know the strife there gives them a power and authority they would not have if people could learn to live together.

The same is true of the Democratic Party. They have become the party of division. They seem to grasp that if Americans unite, they will lose their authority and power. Oddly, they will lose the privilege they claim others have.

Certainly we should not judge people on the basis of their race. That’s a tenant to which we have held for a long time.

So why are the Democrats now saying that tenant is wrong? Why is it now acceptable to pre-judge people based on their race?

It isn’t acceptable.

Don’t invite the American people to talk about race relations and then tell them they are prejudiced and have to shut up.

If you believe that is acceptable, you – not the other adults in the room – who are prejudiced.

Pull the log out of your own eye.

2 Responses to ““My Job Is To Shut Other White People Down When They Say They Aren’t Prejudiced.””

  1. Lee says:

    I agree with Rush about her: I hope she gets the DNC chair job. She’ll alienate sooooooo many people, it’ll be great.

    She’s nuts.

  2. Hometown says:

    These people have derived their power for so long by dividing our country and then demonizing the groups that don’t fall in line. President Trump has a great opportunity to move us all forward together as united Americans. Only time will tell if he can pull it off but I’m willing to give him a shot.