New Army Recruitment Video.

The US Army, who used to be concerned with defending the country, is now entering a different part of “wokeness” by creating a series of videos as part of their ad campaign called “The Calling.”

The U.S. Army has released a new animated video featuring the story of a current Army corporal with two moms who got married after one of them survived a severe car accident.

The May 4 video comes as part of the Army’s new recruitment campaign, “The Calling,” that tells the diverse stories of five different service members. The video also comes after the Central Intelligence Agency faced backlash for “woke” recruitment ads as the two agencies look to expand their applicant pool.

“It begins in California with a little girl raised by two moms,” the narrator, Cpl. Emma Malonelord, says in the video. “Although I had a fairly typical childhood, took ballet, played violin, I also marched for equality. I like to think I’ve been defending freedom from an early age.”

The video depicts a cartoon recreation of Malonelord’s life, including the moment when one of her moms got into a car accident that “left her paralyzed.”

“Doctors said she might never walk again, but she tapped into my family’s pride to get back on her feet, eventually standing at the altar to marry my other mom,” Malonelord says. The video cuts to a cartoon scene of her moms at an alter.


Malonelord goes on to say how she has been fortunate her whole life and wanted to give back to her community and challenge herself, which is ultimately why she decided to join the Army after talking to a recruiter.

“Research tells us that young people today see the Army as a ‘distant star’ – a place requiring a nearly superhuman level of discipline with little relevance to their daily lives,” Maj. Gen. Alex Fink, chief of Army Enterprise Marketing, said in a May 4 statement when the campaign was announced. “Similarly, youth don’t necessarily connect with those who serve or see common ground in terms of interests, abilities, and goals.

Fink continued: “‘The Calling’ shatters these misperceptions by showing that Soldiers are all of us: real people with hopes, dreams, fears, aspirations, families, friends, and obstacles to overcome.” (emphasis ours)

The above video is one of five “stories” the Army is advertising to help with recruitment.

Call us skeptical of the effort.

To us, the statement, “[s]imilarly, youth don’t necessarily connect with those who serve or see common ground in terms of interests, abilities, and goals,” is highly troubling as it follows the teachings and beliefs that are contrary to that of the nation as a whole and the US Army specifically.

That is, we are one nation. One people.

When we have teens that are being taught that they aren’t part of that “one nation” and have to coaxed into doing something for the greater good of all, displays a decline of American values.

Frankly, we don’t see how a gay wedding adds to the culture of the Army or any military service for that matter. It’s silly, and frankly it is patronizing.

Serving in the military means serving for a greater cause.

It does not mean being “woke.”

(h/t This Ain’t Hell….But You Can See It From Here.)

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