New Meaning For “Protect And Serve” In New York.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is not a condemnation of all police. It is a commentary on bad cops, the power they wield contrary to the public trust, and those both in outside the ranks that support police blindly.

New York police in at least four precincts are either under arrest, suspended or being investigated for protecting a prostitution and gambling ring. For their services, the police allegedly received massages and sex for the officers’ complicity in the illegal activities.

Three sergeants, two detectives and two police officers were arrested and stripped of their guns and shields after they were taken in for questioning by the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

Two other detectives were not criminally charged, but were placed on modified duty and forced to turn in their weapons and badges. They are expected to face departmental charges.

More than a dozen other cops are being investigated and could face internal charges later.

Sources said a large chunk of the investigation centered around the Brooklyn South Narcotics Squad.

The article states that the officers were brought into the crime ring by a retired NYPD Detective with ties to organized crime.

The officers allegedly provided a shady safety net for prostitution and gambling rings, which sources described as not being “high end.”

As part of the protection, the officers allegedly tipped off the honchos about investigations into their illegal business.

When we first read the article, we thought “New York has thousands of officers. Seven bad apples in the Big Apple is too many, but it is not like this was well known.”

That was before we read this line:

An estimated 40 others involved in the prostitution and gambling ring are also expected to be charged, officials said. (emphasis ours)

That’s nearly 50 dirty cops and we have no doubt that others in the precincts and department knew about it. The numbers are simply too great.

To us, the fact that these cops took illicit gifts in order to protect an illegal criminal group is bad enough. That others would have known about it and not said anything for fear of “crossing the blue line,” is almost as bad. You cannot take an oath to protect people and uphold the law and then turn a blind eye when the law breakers are your supposed “brothers in blue.”

Just as bad, the police union will put up a fight to not only protect these guys, but to protect their jobs saying in essence, “well, what they did wasn’t too bad. They should have their job back.”

The acts by these guys were not an accident. They knew what they were doing. Those who remained silent and therefore complicit in the illegal activities knew what they were doing as well. If they want to claim they didn’t know it was wrong and against the law, then police have lost the high ground when it comes to policing and morals. We all expect police to pursue and catch the bad guys – not be one.

What too many police don’t understand is how the actions of cops like this affect the public’s image and perception of police. They don’t seem to understand that if you want to stop people for a suspected crime, you can’t be involved in a crime or let a crime in front of your eyes go on just because the guy wears the same uniform as you do.

Years ago we had a pastor who used this analogy when it comes to sin: “Assume,” he said, “that you have a gallon of white paint. How much black paint does it take to be added to the white paint before the white paint is no longer white? A quart? A pint? Half a pint? A drop?”

The answer of course is “a drop.”

While there are thousands and thousands of good cops out there, those cops, city governments and the people have to work together to get rid of those within their ranks who through illegal actions or silence change the police from “white paint” to “grey.”

We don’t know what will happen to these cops in New York. We suspect that if convicted, they will get reduced sentences because of their “public service” or something like that. What should happen is that they should be sentenced to the max showing that when you are given and demand the trust of the public, violating that trust comes with a terrible price.

No one should be above the law, especially those sworn to uphold it.

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