New York Sings The National Anthem.

We have long said that those who sing the national anthem before sporting events forget that the song was originally a song sung by a group of people. It was meant to be sung by everyone, and not just some individual looking to show off their range and stylistic interpretation of the song.

Before last night’s New York Islander / Boston Bruin game, singer Nicole Raviv started the song, and then the crowd took over.

Ms. Raviv was smart enough and in touch with the people enough to lead the crowd rather than trying to sing the anthem so no one could sing with her.

Kudos to Ms. Raviv, and kudos to the crowd.

One Response to “New York Sings The National Anthem.”

  1. Percy Veer says:

    Great video, it’s a nice change seeing a sporting event using the National Anthem to bring Americans together. I don’t watch hockey games but I might have to start, they seem to have gotten that one right.