On The Radio!

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Saturday, June 30th, we will be back on the radio with the rest of the crew of the Steve Bussey Radio experience.

We will be talking about the cases handed down by the Supreme Court this week. We would love to hear your take on them, so feel free to give us a call.

In the studio at the 3:00 PM hour will be Mitch Needelman, who is running for Brevard County Clerk of the Court against fellow Republican Scott Ellis and write in candidate Michael Gaeta. We’ll get Needelman’s take on the issues, why anyone should care about the office of the Clerk of the Court, and why Scott Ellis probably won’t be invited to the Needelman home for Thanksgiving dinner. (And vice versa.)

As always, we will try and take your calls if the candidate agrees.

Our other guest has a special place in our heart. During the second week of the show, an 8 year old girl from Colorado called into the show to talk about school lunch programs. It takes a lot of guts for a kid that age to call into a show heard nationally, but she did. She listens to the show regularly with her mom and is very up to date on topics. We dubbed her our “number one fan” as she was the first to call in and has been a supporter of the show since the beginning.

Caitlin and her family are visiting the Space Coast of Florida, and we have invited her to the studio. To say she is excited is an understatement.

She’ll be on the air live with us and working in the control room keeping things running.

So join us on Saturday from 2 – 4 PM on the Steve Bussey Radio Experience as heard on AM 1300 WMEL. You can also catch the show on the internet at the WMEL website, or listen on your smartphone.

Give us a call!

NOTE: We cannot find a link to a website for candidate Michael Gaeta. There is none listed at the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections site, nor can we find anything through search engines. We did try, however.

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