Oops! They Did It Again.

Another truck is opened like a can of sardines via our favorite bridge.

On April 9th, a speeding reefer truck did not calibrate to the clearance requirements of the beast of Gregson St and ended up making a mess made a mess at the canopener. The driver came back and cleaned up a bit, but insulation material ended up littering the area for a while. This was crash # 165 since 2008.

The thing about this one is that this truck appears to be local. It is not some long distance hauler or even a rental truck being driven by a newbie. This driver should have known better.

Also, as a side note, ….

….one of our favorite commenters commented about raising the bridge and the surrounding tracks, and in our response, we wrote:

One of the things that we didn’t see in this video was that there is a height sensor mounted further down the street. When the sensor is tripped, the big black message board flashes something like “TRUCK TOO TALL – YOU MUST TURN.” That didn’t appear to be on when the truck hits.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones to notice this. In the comments on YouTube to the above video, the channel owner writes:

For all you who are wondering about the warning system: No it was not working for a while, but it has since been fixed.

So that answers that question.

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