O’s, City Council and Mayor Ferrante?

The Baltimore Orioles lost last night to the Tampa Bay Rays while the Yankees were beating the Boston Red Sox. The Rays played hard until the very end of the season while the Red Sox rolled over for their arch enemies and surrendered liken beaten dogs.

Oh well.

That means the O’s travel to Texas to play the Rangers on Friday for the Wild Card “play in” game.

If the O’s lose, we won’t be happy, but neither will be sad. It was a great year and a lot of fun watching the O’s play the game like we remember Orioles of old playing. In fact, they reminded us of a Little League team playing for the sheer joy of the game and not a paycheck.

(But still, we hope the win on Friday.)

We will work on our regular summation of the City Council meeting and that should go up tomorrow. Highlight of the night has to be a Council Member trying to figure out how to get around the First Amendment as well as the Freedom of Information Act. We just sat there shaking our heads.

One interesting thing happened after the meeting……. Mayor Ferrante asked our buddy Steve the name of this site because he said he wanted to read something on it. Hmmmmm….

If you are online when the Mayor is, wave “hi!”

Until tomorrow……

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